Transform your life by owning your morning routine with our top tips

YOUR alarm goes off. You hit snooze, drift back to sleep for 10 minutes. You hit snooze again, start the day late and feel like you’re playing catch up… Repeat for 25 years. Sound familiar? Only one in four people are natural early risers who wake up raring to go – the rest of us are on the back foot before we even reach the office.* But developing a good morning routine could be the key to a more productive, successful and healthier life. You can transform your life by owning your morning routine Credit: Getty Images From Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian West, some of the world’s most successful people claim their secret is an early-morning schedule. While yoga and green juices at 6am isn’t realistic for everybody, making small tweaks to your morning routine can have a big effect on the rest of your day. Get Up and at ’em Good news: waking up early may be less important than getting up at the same time every day. “People who get up at a regular time with stable rhythms of being active in the daytime and inactive at night are less at risk of depression and have better general health than those with varied sleep patterns,” says Daniel Smith, professor of psychiatry at Glasgow University. “Work out how much time you need to do all your morning tasks comfortably, set your alarm for a time that makes that achievable and get up at that time each day to establish a routine,” says Daniel. Instead of a long lie-in, have 30-minute naps if you want to make up lost slumber. Rise and shine before everyone else Getting up before your snoring partner will allow you to have some important me-time Credit: Getty – Contributor It might sound like […]

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