Why we should drink more water

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By Wendell Fowler

When wild animals, dinosaurs, cavemen, Druids, Celts and kings took a drink from their wells, the true staff of life was part of those wells. Life-sustaining water has been here since creation. Water is a rich symbol in baptism that represents many sacred things. That’s why they don’t use a diet cola for a baptism.

Life wouldn’t exist today if not for water. Greek philosopher Empedocles held that water is one of the four elements, along with earth, wind and fire. Essential for survival, one cannot survive more than three days without it. That’s why it’s important to drink enough clean water to transport nutrients and oxygen into cells, moisturize the air in lungs, help metabolism, protect and detoxify vital organs, help organs absorb nutrients better, regulate body temperature, protect and moisturize joints and flushes noxious waste from the temple. Blood is mostly water, not caffeine, and your muscles, lungs and brain contain and require lots of water your temple needs.

The amazing benefits of drinking water include: losing weight, a natural remedy for headache, energetic work productivity, better exercise, helps in digestion and constipation, less cramps and sprains, less fatigue, creates good mood and reduces cancer risk. (Water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and shortens the time in which they are in contact with bladder lining.)

What happens when you suck down diuretic, dehydrating caffeinated beverages instead of pure, clean heavenly water: tiredness, migraines, constipation, muscle cramps, irregular blood pressure, kidney problems, or dry skin? Being just 20 percent dehydrated sets us up for the risk for death. Ever watch Naked and Afraid?

You just woke up from an eight-hour nap and your temple is about two cups deficient. Top off your tank with good ole plain filtered water and fresh lemon juice (not bottled). We use Pur filters and many prefer Britta, or reverse osmosis. Ineffective, imitation, dead, flavored vitamin waters are a waste of money, and tap water contains toxic fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury, PCBs and delicious arsenic.

Sugary, caffeinated frou-frou drinks and nasty overly processed juice boxes are not re-hydrating or nourishing and deplete your blessing of health. Caffeine has some virtues, so don’t throw the coffee grounds out with the dishwater. In Japan, researchers have shown, in moderation, caffeine increases memory. A newer Johns Hopkins study showed that caffeine pills helped boost memory consolidation. But, you still must focus on rehydration with clean water, fresh garden fruits, veggies and real juices; not from a bottle, can, pouch, or box.

To rehydrate my temple, first thing in the morning, before I eat anything, I gulp an 8-oz. glass of tepid filtered water with the juice of a half lemon, one tablespoon of raw local honey and three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with “mother.” Then remind myself:

Thousands have lived without love, not without water; the driving force of all nature.

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