4 fruits parents should feed children regularly to improve their immunity system

4 fruits parents should feed children regularly to improve their immunity system

Parents should regularly give their children fruits, especially the 4 fruits mentioned below because of their wonderful benefits.

Here are the fruits recommended by nutritionists to regularly feed children, help improve the immune system and help reduce eye stress. 4 fruits parents should feed their children regularly

1. Orange

Oranges are very high in vitamin C and vitamin C is recognized as a substance that enhances the body’s immunity and prevents colds. Children can eat more oranges to combat seasonal flu and colds daily. High intake of vitamin C can reduce the ulcer situation, especially for children who often suffer from mouth ulcers should also eat more oranges. In addition to vitamin C, oranges are also rich in cellulose and pectin, which can help promote bowel movement. Oranges also contain lots of natural fructose, which is very sweet but not easy to gain weight. For children who like to eat a variety of sweets, oranges are a good choice. 2. Tangerine

Oranges and tangerines look very similar, but tangerines are much easier to peel than oranges, children often love to eat this fruit, because they can enjoy the fun of peeling tangerines by themselves. Like oranges, tangerines are high in vitamin C, high in water, which can replenish the water lost in the summer. Tangerine is also very rich in fiber, helps laxatives. In addition, the tangerine contains a large amount of fruit acid, which can promote gastric secretion, enhance digestion and absorption of the body. Due to the hot weather with no feeling of eating, tangerines can solve this very well. Moreover, tangerines have a cooling effect, increase resistance and help reduce eye strain. 3. Bananas

We all know that bananas have a very good laxative effect and are very cheap. In addition, it also has many nutrients, plus low calories, so eating a lot of bananas is not fat either. For some people with a bad stomach, eating a lot of bananas may also help protect the digestive tract. Eating bananas regularly helps protect the brain and reduces mental fatigue, but bananas should not be eaten on an empty stomach, preferably after meals. And because bananas are cold, some people with stomach aches and diarrhea should not eat much to avoid hurting the body. 4. Apple

The taste of apples is very delicious and helps the body increase satiety. People often hear the saying, “Every day an apple is eaten, the doctor is far away from us,” which can prove that apples are rich in nutrients. Apples are rich in sugar, protein, calcium, vitamins and cellulose. Children often eat apples to help boost immunity. Apples contain a lot of zinc, which is one of the important factors to promote brain development. For children, eating apples can improve their memory.

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