5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs + Dosage, Safety & Reviews

With the growing popularity of CBD oil, many people are interested in its potential benefits for their dogs. More and more people give their dogs CBD oil to curb anxiety, reduce seizures, or improve inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Read on to find out which of these uses are backed by science, how to calculate the dosage, and what side effects to look out for. CBD oil is a therapeutic oil with a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis : cannabidiol or CBD. CBD has grown in popularity for a number of health conditions in humans. Its recent legalization in many countries sparked a keen interest in dog owners. They normally seek an alternative remedy for their dog’s [ 1 +, 2 ]: Although the research on its effects on dogs is scarce, several CBD oil products have been formulated specifically for dogs (mainly liquid tinctures, tablets, chews, and treats). In fact, over 50% of vets recommend and prescribe them based on experience [ 2 ]. Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs CBD reduced seizures caused by electric shocks and drugs in old studies in mice and is even approved for some types of epilepsy in humans [ 3 +, 4 , 5 , 6 ]. In the only clinical trial in epileptic dogs, infused CBD oil reduced seizure frequency slightly better than the placebo. The therapy was most effective when blood CBD reached high levels. Thus, we’re in need of a method that can accurately measure CBD blood levels to allow dosage adjustment [ 7 , 8 ]. On the other hand, CBD oil safely reduces seizures in people with some types of epilepsy. It helps both children and adults who don’t respond to anti-seizure drugs. CBD oil might work in a similar way for dogs with seizures, and anecdotal […]

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