5 Effective Ways To Beat Brain Fog

5 Effective Ways To Beat Brain Fog
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There are instances where we tend to experience loss of focus. But in some cases, this predicament can be extreme because it affects the overall cognitive function. Technically, it is called “brain fog,” and it really deteriorates someone’s performance.

When you have a cloudy head, you will feel that your memory is scrambled and that your concentration is out of place. You struggle with the articulation of your thoughts, which is quite a bad thing.

There are multiple causes of brain fog. Some of these are over-fatigue, stress, and even drug abuse. These things should be avoided if you don’t want to succumb on this predicament.

If intervention is already necessary, the following tips can be done. They can help you clear out the fog in your head.

Take Brain-Boosting Supplements


If you have a problem with a hazy head, you should give supplements a try. There are a variety of supplements that help in the mental function of the brain that you can take. They should be able to help you increase your brain’s resistance to damages and cloudiness.

Supplements that contain antioxidants are a great choice. They are the ones that help your brain curb down the oxidative stress that it feels.

Antioxidants also help in the cleansing of the lymphatic system. When your mind is filled with toxins, its performance deteriorates fully.

The inclusion of vitamin D, vitamin B, and vitamin K, would also be beneficial. These vitamins are essential for the rejuvenation and cleansing on your mental faculties.

But if you want potent options, you should try nootropics. I am pretty sure that you might not have heard of it yet. But you should not miss it as it is a powerful supplement that can take your brain’s performance to another level.

Have A Healthy Diet


Evading the nasty effects of brain fog is pretty easy. As long as you eat healthily, there’s nothing that you should worry about.

Sometimes, brain fog can happen because of the things that you consume. You have to know that specific allergies to food can elevate the risk factors for brain fog. For instance, the condition called gluten sensitivity is entirely linked to brain fog.

People who have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity should eradicate gluten in their diet. If you are diagnosed with this condition, try shifting to a gluten-free diet. It would help you improve your memory, focus, and verbal articulation.

For some people, a low-fat diet can be harmful to their cognitive function. Those who have dementia who are taking increased fat content on their foods have experienced improved focus and concentration.

You should not also forget to drink a lot of water. Dehydration can cause your brain to shrink, which will eventually lead to the deterioration of your mental faculties.

Sleep Properly

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Of course, one should not ignore the fact that sleep is an essential aspect of our overall health. We need to sleep so that our bodies can replenish the spent energy that has been lost throughout the day. Your physical and mental health is directly dependent on the quality of your sleep.

If you don’t sleep properly, the glutathione levels of your body decrease. Now, glutathione does not only work by making your skin glow. It also helps in improving the metabolism of the brain.

Furthermore, lack of quality sleep elevates inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. When these things kick in, your brain will suffer from significant damages.

Always remember that sleep deprivation does not help your brain to perform at its optimal performance. Instead, it makes your vulnerable to fogging and other neurological disorders. You should learn how to sleep well now!

Exercise Regularly


Exercising does not only help your body to become fit and healthy. It also has excellent benefits for the brain. For instance, it helps in the production of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor — the growth hormone of the brain.

It has also been found out that it can defeat brain fog by eliminating oxidative stress and inflammation. Workouts also optimize the blood circulation in the brain as well as the regulation of sugar level.

A healthy amount of exercise will always help you feel and think better. Running, for example, has been associated with meditation. When you are bothered by something, a quick run in the mountains or seaside will clear your mind off.



Today’s world exposes us to unhealthy environments. Everything around us seems harmful. From the air we breathe down to the water we drink, things do not feel safe already.

The toxins and chemicals that come inside our body can go directly to our brain. They can stay there and clog the lymphatic system. This harms our mental function and our capability to think clearly.

Fortunately, you can always expel these “unwanted guests” out from your brain and body. Drinking a lot of water and eating a myriad of fruits can help you flush out these invaders. Exercise can also help you in this pursuit.

Always remember that a clean brain performs well. Brain fogging won’t happen if you detoxify from time to time.

Wrapping it Up

It is never a good thing if you let you continue exposing yourself to brain fog. Being not able to think clearly and focus entirely will prevent you from doing all your tasks and responsibilities. Prolonging such problem will severely affect your life.

The techniques that have been mentioned here are among the things that you can try to blow off the fog away from your brain. Just implement them, and you will definitely experience an improvement in your cognitive function.

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