5 Ways Outdoor Learning Can Teach Resilience

When our parents used to tell us to “Get outside and play,” they were onto something. Outdoor learning offers a wealth of benefits to kids’ bodies and minds. What happens to your body and mind when you escape the office and step outdoors? It’s likely that you find yourself growing calmer, more relaxed, and more focused. It’s no different for children. Outdoor learning can not only teach kids resilience, but it can help them develop a myriad of other important life skills, too. Here’s how getting your children outside can help make them stronger for the rest of their lives. Nature can reduce the impact of stress. Being exposed to a natural setting can have a powerful effect on the emotional and cognitive functioning of a child. Children who grow up among greenery have a lower risk of mood disorders and substance abuse (Engemann et al 2019) – even children who have experienced life stressors like bullying or other forms of anxiety. Why? Nature helps to build self-confidence and self-efficacy. It also reduces cortisol levels. A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health revealed that the daily levels of the stress hormone cortisol were consistent and healthy among children who were given access to an outdoor education. Those who were kept indoors, on the other hand, had much higher levels of stress. Watching a plant grow teaches patience and improves academic performance. There’s a reason why so many elementary school classrooms teach students how to grow bean or tomato plants. Planting a seed not only shows a child the value of life, but it helps teach patience and the importance of caring for something else. This has a major impact on a student’s learning. That impact extends long beyond the initial experience. Outdoor learning, […]

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