5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

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Powering through your morning and hit a brick wall with a million things left to do? Here are 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy so you can crush your day.

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Who else has ever been charging through their morning and suddenly, almost out of nowhere fatigue hits?

Sometimes the culprit is lack of sleep. Sometimes it can be stress or mental exhaustion from trying to juggle kids, business, and a home.

I don’t know about you, but there are days when I just want to shut the door, crawl back in bed, and curl up with a silly novel.

For most of us, throwing in the towel isn’t an option. We have work responsibilities, kids to keep alive, and haven’t yet been gifted with one of those fairies that magically cleans the house.

For those days when you are dragging, here are some ways to boost your energy.

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy


This one might seem obvious, but it can’t be overlooked as one of the best ways to boost your energy on those mornings that you are dragging.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can help perk up your brain and body for up to five hours. Caffeine has other benefits including boosting metabolism and improving overall mood.

I used to drink coffee all day long, but ask I’ve gotten older I now am only able to tolerate one cup before my stomach starts complaining. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up the natural boost I get from caffeine though!

And nope, I am not reaching for sugary caffeine drinks either.

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These days, I am loving Avitae Caffeinated Water. Aviate is the leading U.S. caffeinated water company, and I love that it provides me an alternative to the sugary drinks and less healthy caffeinated beverages out there.

Staying hydrated is always a challenge here in Florida because it is so hot and we are outdoors so much. It is a great way to get the boost I need while staying hydrated.

According to Rachel Begun, M.S, R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Thirst is often an underlying cause of fatigue.” Avitae has become the perfect way that I can kill two birds with one stone.

Aviate is made from purified water and the natural caffeine is derived from green coffee beans.

All of the unflavored, flavored and Sparkling options have zero sugars and zero calories. (Sugary sodas, teas, and energy drinks can’t say that!). The caffeine levels vary from 45mg to 125mg, or about a half-cup of coffee to one and a half cups.

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Eat for Energy

We all know that when we feed our bodies junk, we feel like junk.

I know – I have been there too. When you are dragging it is so easy to reach for chips, cake, or whatever your version of comfort food is. Unfortunately, that is one of the worst things that you can do.

The truth is that good nutrition can’t be overlooked as one of the best ways to boost your energy.

Make sure you are consuming meals and snacks that have a good balance of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Some foods that are good for your energy to consider including in your diet are eggs, spinach, greek yogurt, beets, quinoa, apples, chickpeas, and bananas.

Here are some more examples of how specific foods can help fuel your day:

  • Spinach – Spinach is high in folate, which can help to prevent fatigue. It also his rich in Vitamin C, which is believed to help manage stress hormones that can lead to fatigue.
  • Eggs – Eggs are a good source of choline which can help to boost brain function. They also are rich in tyrosine, which helps to improve relation times.
  • Nuts and Seeds – Nuts and seeds are rich in the B vitamins that can help to make your body’s food to energy conversion more efficient. One of the B vitamins, B2, can help your body convert carbs into efficient fuel.
  • Wild Caught Fish – Did you know that chronic inflammation has been linked to fatigue? Fish offer a great source of omega-3s which are believed to help keep inflammation in check. They are also a great source of protein and iron, which can also offer an energy boost!
  • Quinoa- You guys knew I was going to go there, didn’t you? While quinoa doesn’t provide you with the quick energy of simple carbs, it does help to give you sustained energy that can help you avoid that late afternoon slump.

DIY Energizing Spritz

Did you know that essential oils are a great way to help combat mental fatigue? Research has proven that both peppermint and rosemary are effective at helping to boost focus and concentration. Rosemary, in particular, has been shown to activate neurotransmitters in your brain that help to boost your memory.

Try using this DIY Energizing Spritz while sipping Aviate Caffeinated Water and watch your energy levels soar.

DIY Energizing Spritz

  • 20 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 15 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon witch hazel
  • 7 ounces filtered water

Combine ingredients in a small oil-safe spray bottle.

Shake well to combine.

Mist over your inner wrists and neck. Spray into hands and cup them together and inhaled deeply.

Get up and Go!

It can be the last thing that you want to do, but when you are dragging, force yourself to get out of your chair and move!

According to Pamela Peeke, MD, assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, just 10 jumping jacks “…can ramp up blood flow to the body, including the brain, which makes you feel more alert.”

I have a rebounder next to my computer, and anytime I am dragging I take a break and go for a jump or jog. I tell myself I only have to do one minute, but inevitably I go longer. I have never once been sorry because I always see a boost in my energy and productivity.

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Play Music

Did you know that even if you are sitting still, music can activate the movement-related parts of your brain? According to Jessica Grahn, Ph.D., a music neuroscientist ad Western University’s Brain and Mind Institute in London, Ontario, music can make you feel like you are doing a happy dance even if you are sitting still.

The caveat: it has to be music that you enjoy.

So there you have it, five great ways to boost your energy! The next time you find yourself in that mid-morning slump, open up a bottle of Aviate Caffeinated water, spray your wrists with an energizing spray, and go for a walk while listening to your favorite music. Come back and eat a healthy meal and you will be surprised at how much better you feel all afternoon long.

What Are Your Favorite Ways to Boost Your Energy?

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