Ashwagandha Compound: A New Possible Cure For COVID-19?

Ashwagandha Compound: A New Possible Cure For COVID-19?

Ashwagandha (File photo) COVID-19 may not be a mystery anymore. This novel virus has left the scientists of the entire world working day and night on their toes. And, finally, they seem to have found a possible cure for the novel coronavirus. Also Read – COVID-19: Why Not Traditional Medicine, Says Minister as Clinical Trial of Ashwagandha Begins

A group of researchers of IIT-Delhi has revealed that Ashwagandha contains certain bio-actives that interact with SARS-Co-2. This herbal plant has a natural compound called withanone (Wi-N), that can impact the COVID-19’s enzyme responsible for replication, if used along with an active ingredient of propolis called Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE). Together, they can block the replication process of the novel virus and treat the condition. Also Read – Ashwagandha, Effective Way to Boost Your Sexual Drive

IIT-Delhi has claimed this after looking at the results of a study that was conducted by the researchers of this institute in collaboration with Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Also Read – Want to Bid Adieu to Stress And Anxiety? Use Ashwagandha

Well, it is not the first time when Ashwagandha has been associated with treatment or prevention of a disease. It is an evergreen shrub that is known to have a plethora of health benefits. From treating insomnia to managing diabetes, and helping regain memory, Ashwagandha serves many purposes.

It has a calming effect that can treat anxiety and chronic stress. Ashwagandha is also known to be an effective pain reliever. It has anti-inflammatory effects that help in offering relief to arthritis patients. Ashwagandha is also good for your heart health. It regulates your blood pressure, controls level of cholesterol, and treats chest pain. It has shown promising effects in improving Alzheimer’s patients’ memory by preventing loss of brain function.

Ashwagandha is believed to offer horse-like strength and vitality to a person. It can boost your immunity and improve energy. So, using it can only help you during the time of coronavirus pandemic. Start making a habit of having a cup of morning tea with a teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder and see the results yourself.


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