Attack of the FAKE NEWS on your mind, your health and your safety

Attack of the FAKE NEWS on your mind, your health and your safety
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Image: Attack of the FAKE NEWS on your mind, your health and your safety

(Natural News) Fake news is scripted, staged, planned, promoted, and never retracted after being revealed as such. Fake news appears in many forms, including on television, via social media, featured on major websites, and it’s spewed from the mouths of most of the outspoken celebrities and talk show hosts. Fake news even reports on itself, pretending to be warning us to watch out for it, while parroting the false narrative literally word-for-word across the nation, from mainstream media (MSM) outlets all the way down to local news stations, ensuring that the drugged-up, dumbed-down, typical American soaks it all in, becomes emotionally disturbed, and reacts accordingly.

It’s all about selling messages, products, mindset, and now, socialism rooted in communism. Watch this amazing compilation of news outlets as they parrot the EXACT same scripted fake news, some pretending on the spot as if they just came up with the thoughts right from the hip.

Jussie Smollet “hate crime attack” potentially a class-4 felony HOAX that was planned and practiced by his own friends who are now cooperating with police

The goal of mainstream news right now is for all Americans to hate their President, believe the country is in total disarray, and to vote for extreme socialists to take over the country as soon as possible. Empire actor Jussie Smollet may soon be facing three years in jail (for falsifying a police report) and fines up to $25,000 for staging a racial, homophobic hate crime with his two friends in a wealthy area of Chicago. The goal? Help encourage the country to believe all Trump supporters are racist, homophobic, white supremacists.

Nearly every person and media outlet with Trump Derangement Syndrome leaped on the fake news bandwagon when Smollet first announced that two dudes in MAGA hats attacked him for being black and gay, and put a noose around his neck to terrorize him. Nancy Pelosi and Corey Booker quickly tweeted out the horrors of being assaulted by Trump supporters. Tens of thousands of people re-tweeted and “liked” the threads of lies spread by Leftist politicians, celebrities, and reporters.

With no proof, corroboration, or witness, Liberals across America joined in the Trump-supporter bashing in avalanche style. Cory Booker demands Congress pass an “Anti-Lynching bill” to protect the world from Trump supporters. When was the last time someone was lynched in America anyway? Can you say mega-drama and fake news without laughing? Every Democrat running for POTUS 2020 has lost their collective minds, and it’s all blatantly obvious when the fake news “hits the fan.”

Covington Catholic High School teenagers received DEATH threats after being accosted by fake news across America

It’s one thing to spread propaganda to win votes for political purposes, but it’s absolutely unforgivable to spread fake news that promotes murdering innocent teenagers because they’re white, Catholic, and simply support President Trump and the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) philosophy.

Fake news went wild when a shortened video clip made it look like some smug Trump-supporting teenagers were harassing a supposed war veteran and Native American tribal elder, who simply showed up at a Washington D.C. rally playing his nifty little hand drum.

When the truth came out that the guy was a total fraud and instigator, and that the teenagers were totally innocent and simply stood their ground, the mass media never retracted their lies.

Now Nathan “Sandman” Phillips (the Native American man at the center of the controversy) has been revealed to be a paid activist who plotted to disrupt and aggravate the MAGA-hat-wearing Catholic school teenagers, in just another planned, staged “hate crime.” Leftists literally threatened to burn down the school and murder the teenagers for smiling in the face of adversity. Add this one to the long list of staged violence and assaults by the extreme Left, all made to look like it came from the Right. Are you brainwashed yet?

Fake news also aims to have Americans consume chemicals instead of food, so the sick care industry can rake in the profits

Remember the popular slogan “Heart Healthy Canola Oil?” For decades, canola oil was pushed, promoted, and touted as a healthy option to other cooking oils that’s good for your heart, when just the opposite is true.

Canola oil comes from poisonous rapeseeds and is often processed with hexane, a constituent vapor of gasoline, to remove the stench. Canola oil coagulates in the human body, causing weight gain, memory loss and dementia. Canola oil may be the most destructive “food stuff” ever sold to Americans, and all under the guise of a “healthy choice.” Avoid canola oil like the plague, even the organic, “expeller pressed” kind.

Medical doctors and oncologists in America are restricted from discussing nutrition as a cure for diseases and disorders, even though an organic, plant-based diet can prevent and CURE nearly every ailment under the sun.

Bill Gates funds “NewsGuard” – the new software filter that flags all real news as fake and promotes all fake news as reliable

The insidious Bill Gates has already kick-started the world’s biggest fake news promoter and censor for real news. Every library in Hawaii is already equipped with “NewsGuard,” an add-on for search engines that promotes all fake news as real, including CNN, Washington Post, Boston Globe,, and more.

Meanwhile, any news outlet that exposes fake news and false narratives regularly is automatically labeled and flagged as “fake news” so all Americans can become further brainwashed and bow down to the Liberal extremists who want to take over the country and destroy it.

NewsGuard is a massive protection racket that censors all independent media while parroting the usual fake news as real, just like the Jussie Smallet hate crime hoax and the Covington MAGA teen harassment narrative.

Of course, NewsGuard Technologies claims they’re hell-bent on fighting fake news and allowing the truth to prevail. Should we call them news guards or news goons? Bill Gates has a goal of installing his fake news promotion software on every computer in every library, school, and university, and on every smart device Apple sells.

Want truth news every day and every night? It’s time to protect your mind, health, safety, and Constitutional rights from the insane Left and the lying, fake news mass media. Tune into for hundreds of daily headline articles that reveal the corruption and uncover the real stories. You owe it to yourself to know the truth.

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