Best Nootropic Brain Supplements 2019 – Your Ultimate Guide

Best Nootropic Brain Supplements 2019 – Your Ultimate Guide
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We rate and recommend the most effective brain-boosting nootropic stacks you can take for peak mental performance in 2019 and beyond

Nootropics are performance-oriented brain supplements. This red-hot category is poised for tremendous growth in 2019.

The downside: The market is increasingly saturated with nootropic supplements that are low-quality and ineffective.

We’ve got you covered though, with three well-designed brain stacks that can safely and reliably boost your mental performance.

Three of the Best Nootropic Brain Supplements for 2019

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Why use a nootropic?

There is a good reason why nootropic supplements have recently enjoyed some of the most dramatic growth in the entire natural products industry:

  • By improving various aspects of brain function – memory, attention, focus, sleep, mental energy and more – you can improve virtually every aspect of your life.

In other words, an effective nootropic supplement has the potential to help you perform better at everything you do.

Of course, much of the brain is still shrouded in mystery. It’s not easy to formulate a nootropic supplement that will work.

But after extensive research and market analysis, we have identified three supplements with evidence-backed ingredients, good dosing, and skillful formulation that can deliver the brain-boosting results that you seek.

We are confident that these are the best brain-boosters available worldwide for 2019; in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and beyond. Read on to decide which ones meet your cognitive needs.

What we looked for…

Here are the specific criteria that we looked for when selecting our best nootropic supplements of 2019:

Research-backed ingredients – the best nootropic supplements supply brain-boosters that have demonstrated cognitive benefits in well-designed human clinical trials.

Safety and tolerability – building off that first point, the best nootropics have also been shown in human clinical trials to boost brainpower safely, effectively, and without unpleasant side effects.

Potency – we prefer premium and patented nootropic ingredients that are stronger than their generic counterparts, especially when they are dosed for maximum effect.

Stacking strategy – highly significant in the world of nootropics is stacking: combining different brain boosters to produce synergistic and complementary cognitive benefits.

Multi-action ingredients – part of stacking strategy involves selecting nootropic multi-taskers that boost your brain in many ways:

focus and attention: resisting distractions and increasing productivity

memory: spanning short-term, working, long-term, recall, learning, etc.

mood: including stress balance, relaxation, motivation, creativity

mental performance: clarity, sharpness, speed, multitasking

cognitive energy: alert, clean and efficient thinking without caffeine

brain health: help brain’s structure, neurotransmitters, and long-range function

sleep: the most important – and most neglected – key for sharp daytime cognition

The above are just a few of the benefits that the best brain supplements can provide. This is precisely why nootropics are so hot right now: Your brain function encompasses your whole world, so boosting it can have a big impact on your whole life.

Company reputation – we selected manufacturers with good reviews, strong customer service, generous return policies

Overall quality – the best brain supplements are clean, vegan-friendly, and free of artificial colors, preservatives, synthetic additives and the like.

It is not easy to find brain supplements that meet all of the above criteria. But we have scoured the marketplace and done deep research to find three exemplary brain stacks that fit the bill, no matter what your cognitive goals may be.

The Best Nootropic Brain Supplements

Without further ado, here are three nootropic brain supplement stacks that are leading the way in 2019:

Mind Lab Pro is our number one-ranked nootropic stack because it delivers so many brainpower benefits in a single high-quality formula.

Billed as the first-ever “Universal Nootropic”, Mind Lab Pro supplies 11 research-backed nootropics that enhance six different brain pathways:

  1. Brain energy
  2. Cerebral circulation
  3. Brain chemicals
  4. Alpha brain waves
  5. Brain protection
  6. Brain regeneration

The Mind Lab Pro stacking strategy also combines ingredients that amplify each other’s activities to deliver bigger cognitive benefits.

The ultimate Mind Lab Pro goal: A whole-brain boost that helps you do everything better — as a student, athlete, entrepreneur… whatever you use your brainpower to achieve.

We like Mind Lab Pro for all types of memory, attention, creativity, mental energy, and learning. We also appreciate its extra brain health support, in addition to its versatile brainpower benefits.

“100% Brainpower” – Boosts the whole brain with 11 nootropics, so it delivers many different mental performance benefits in one stack

Smart design – They choose nootropics that synergize and work well as a team, so you get more bang for your buck

User-friendly brain formula – It can benefit anyone who has a cognitively demanding and/or competitive lifestyle, from the age of 18 to 80+

Clean quality – No additives, just premium-grade brain boosting nootropics in vegan capsules

Good service – You can send it back for a refund within 30 days if you don’t like it. Also, they replied to our emailed question in about 20 minutes

The ingredients

Mind Lab Pro has today’s most advanced combination of nootropics, including:

Cognizin® Citicoline – Shown in human research to boost brain energy by about 14% and brain renewal by 26%, as well as improving attention and focus

Bacopa Monnieri (24% bacosides and 9 bioactives) – Herb that slows down the rate of forgetting information; good for students and learning in general

Rhodiola Rosea (3% rosavins, 1% salidrosides) – Adaptogen for peak mental and physical performance under stress, famously used by Russian Olympic athletes

Suntheanine® L-Theanine – Green tea compound shown in human research to boost Alpha brain waves for relaxed alertness and a strong creative mindset

Vitamin B6, B9 and B12 as BioGenesis™ – Shows how Mind Lab Pro helps brain health too; 3 Bs for brain chemicals, brain circulation and nerve-protective myelin

Mind Lab Pro has several other nootropics in the mix, too (see below):

How to take it

Take two capsules in the morning or early afternoon for a mental boost; continue taking it every day for the best results. You can also double-dose (four capsules) for more intense cognitive sessions.

What are people saying about it?

There are hundreds of user-submitted reviews on the Mind Lab Pro website, adding up to a near-5-star rating (out of 5). They also have brand ambassadors including a chess grandmaster and a professional poker player.

If you research reviews online, Mind Lab Pro is also consistently one of the top ranked brain supplements.

Price, shipping and where to buy

One box (a month’s supply) of Mind Lab Pro is $65, two boxes is $130 (plus shipping and handling). The best deal is three boxes for $195.00, because they throw in a fourth box for free and include shipping and handling anywhere in the world for free.

The only real negative with Mind Lab Pro is that you can only buy it in one place, which is their official website.

The bottom line

Mind Lab Pro is the most versatile and effective nootropic supplement on the market today. It is a whole-brain booster that improves brainpower and supports brain health at the same time.

This is one nootropic stack that anyone can use to their advantage, because it rises to meet all kinds of different cognitive challenges.

For that same reason, Mind Lab Pro is the best choice for anyone with dynamic brainpower demands that change from hour to hour and day to day.

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind is another top-rated nootropic, but with a narrower focus than Mind Lab Pro.

Just like you see in the name, this stack is designed for performance: using four nootropics to target the most important cognitive functions you need to excel at work, athletics, and other competitive activities.

Cognitive functions boosted by Performance Lab Mind include focus, energy, intensity, speed and multitasking under stressful conditions.

Notably, Performance Lab Mind is also the only brain-booster we have seen that is designed for what they call “mental recovery.”

The idea is, in addition to acting as a mental performance-enhancer, it replenishes the brain – so it helps you come back strong after brainpower-draining cognitive sessions, while reducing risk of mental burnout.

Boost and bounceback – Novel formula strategy gives you a boost now, and helps you feel less mental burnout tomorrow.

Brain chemical emphasis – Contains L-Tyrosine, which increases and replenishes brain chemicals used during intense thinking.

Focused Design – Seems like it is intended for serious athletes, driven professionals, and others who like to compete and win.

Quality – Two market-leading nootropic brands: Sharp PS® Green and Cognizin®; also clean and vegan-friendly.

Stacking advantages – A strong nootropic on its own, but also stacks effectively with the other performance-oriented supplements in the Performance Lab line.

The ingredients

Cognizin® Citicoline – Like Mind Lab Pro, Performance Lab Mind includes 250 mg of this leading nootropic for brain energy, focus, attention, mood and brain regeneration.

Sharp PS® Green Phosphatidylserine (PS) – 100 mg of a soy-free, eco-conscious brand of PS, which is the best research-backed nootropic for memory.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) – Big 300 mg dose of raw material for brain chemicals; shown in research to fight stress and boost thinking under challenging conditions.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract (95% proanthocyanidins) – High-potency herbal extract of a healthy brain-protective antioxidant that also boosts circulation to the brain.

How to take it

Take one to two capsules in the morning or early afternoon on an empty stomach. Performance Lab Mind is supposed to be taken daily.

What are people saying about it?

There are no reviews on their website yet, but many Performance Lab products are being featured on “best of” lists, so their reputation appears strong.

Price, shipping and where to buy

A 30-day supply of Performance Lab Mind is $50; a 60-day supply is $95. The 90-day supply (three boxes) is the best deal, because it comes with a 10% discount: $135 total.

Performance Lab Mind has a narrower focus than some other nootropic supplements. This is really one of the formula’s strengths; it targets competitive focus, thinking and mental recovery.

But if you’re looking for a brain supplement that does a little bit of everything, Performance Lab Mind’s narrow competitive focus may not be the right choice for you.

The bottom line

Performance Lab Mind is an ideal nootropic supplement for professionals, students, athletes, and anyone who is being pulled in many different directions.

If you require extra support for today’s information overload climate and are otherwise struggling with cognitive crashes and other symptoms of mental burnout, Performance Lab Mind is a great choice for you.

Performance Lab Sleep

Performance Lab Sleep is a natural sleep stack. So why is it on a nootropic list?

Because Performance Lab Sleep has the potential to boost your daytime mental performance as much – perhaps even more — than our Top 2 nootropics. (It also stacks well with them).

Performance Lab Sleep works by extending the deep sleep phases where the brain is regenerated and fresh new neurotransmitters are made.

To get there, Performance Lab Sleep uses different formula strategies from typical sleep aids.

For example, it uses cherry for both melatonin and muscle comfort, plus tryptophan for drowsy relaxation – that’s an effective 3X stack for falling asleep fast.

Another example: Performance Lab Sleep uses muscle-relaxing, nerve-settling botanicals to ease twitches and spasms that can disrupt sleep throughout the night.

The end result: Restful sleep where you wake in the morning mentally energized and sharp, not foggy and groggy. In other words, Performance Lab Sleep is a brain-booster, too.

Cherry melatonin – Tart cherry, that is. The richest natural source of sleep-inducing melatonin with bonus benefits for joint and muscle comfort

Drowsy mood-inducer – Tryptophan booster works in concert with cherry melatonin to make you feel relaxed and sleepy

Muscle relaxer – Formulated to unwind muscles and calm nerve impulses so your body feels heavy, relaxed and ready for sleep

Natural and clean – Most sleep supplements use synthetic melatonin. This formula is all natural, with cherry melatonin, plant-based caps and no weird stuff

Indirect nootropic – Gives you a cognitive edge by restoring your brain at night; stacks well with daytime performance nootropics

The ingredients

CherryPURE® Montmorency Tart Cherry – 50:1 extract of the whole fruit, with a 500 mg dosage for sleep-supportive melatonin, muscle comfort and joint relie

3X Magnesium – They use three different forms, including their own cultured form, spreading out magnesium’s muscle-relaxing activity for longer uninterrupted sleep

TryptoPure® L-Tryptophan – Patented amino mood-booster and natural sedative, good for promoting that pleasant drowsy feeling before falling into deep sleep.

How to take it

Take 2 to 4 capsules, 15-30 minutes before sleep. For best results use daily and consistently.

What are people saying about it?

Performance Lab Sleep has landed on several Best Sleep Supplements of 2019 lists on the web.

However, there are no user reviews on the Performance Lab website, at least not yet.

Price, shipping and where to buy

One Bottle of Performance Lab Sleep (a one-month supply) is $40 (plus shipping and handling). Two bottles is $76 (5% discount). Three bottles of Performance Lab Sleep is $108 (10% discount).

Any negatives?

Performance Lab Sleep is not a traditional brain-boosting nootropic. If you are interested in direct-brain boosters only, and you already enjoy healthy sleep patterns, you probably don’t need this stack.

The bottom line

Sleep should be a big part of any cognitive enhancement regimen. But few people take natural sleep supplements for brainpower purposes.

Although it is an indirect brain-booster, Performance Lab Sleep is as effective as any nootropic – simply by helping you get the best possible cognitive benefits from a good night’s sleep.

When to take a nootropic supplement?

Most nootropic supplements are best taken in the morning – so they can best power your brain throughout the course of the day. They can also be taken for an extra boost as needed. The exception on our list is Performance Lab Sleep, which is only to be taken at bedtime.

Anything else to consider?

All of the supplements on our list are safe, well-tolerated and caffeine-free. This means they can be taken to enhance cognition every single day without cycling, crashes or exhaustion – further strengthening their place as the best of the best for 2019.

Conclusion – our final thoughts

Nootropic supplements are poised to continue their impressive growth in 2019. More and more people will be taking brain-boosting supplements – including your competition. The trick is choosing the right stack that will deliver the best cognitive benefits.

While your competition is messing around with inferior nootropic stacks that are hampered by weak potency or ineffective formulation, you can be excelling with any of the three top-rated stacks we have discussed above.

With the right nootropic formulation, you can gain a dominant competitive edge across everything you do – work, sports, academics, and more – and leverage the power of your brain to make 2019 your most successful year yet.

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