Benefits of premium teas

Benefits of premium teas

There’s nothing that a nice cup of tea can’t fix. From providing a boost of energy in the morning to relaxing our nerves at night – a hot cup of tea that is brewed to perfection offers oodles of benefits.

And with the addition of some medicinal herbs and spices in the right proportions, tea becomes an antidote to many health ailments and does wonders for boosting our immunity. Anubha Jhawar, Founder/CEO, Celes te tells more about it. In fact, several health experts often recommend tea (including the herbal variants) for enhancing the body’s defence mechanism against various infections and diseases.

There are certain people who are absolute tea lovers and cannot start their day without it. However, premium teas offer more than just good taste. They contribute massively to improving one’s well-being and overall health. The presence of certain important herbs and natural ingredients in these tea variants makes it a soothing and therapeutic drink.

These components help alleviate stress and exhaustion. They also prevent diseases by improving the body’s immune system. Some healthier varieties of tea also help strengthen bones.

Apart from its savoury taste, drinking premium tea is good for improving the overall digestive health of the body.

Some of its major advantages are:

1) Improves Functioning of the Brain

Presence of the chemical L-Theanine in premium teas proves immensely beneficial for brain health. It improves the functionality of the brain and helps eliminate stress and anxiety, thus allowing one to relax. In addition to theanine, the minimum caffeine content also helps improve cognitive functions. They enhance attention span, memory, judgment and evaluation powers, reasoning, comprehension, problem-solving and decision-making.

2) Improves Heart Health

There is strong evidence to suggest that the antioxidants in tea work to enhance heart health. Flavonoids, present in both black and green tea, prevent oxidation of LDL (known as ‘bad’ cholesterol), cause a reduction in blood clotting and help improve widening of blood vessels of the heart. Studies that examined the relationship between black tea intake and heart health reported declining incidences of heart attack, low cholesterol levels and markedly lower blood pressure.

3) Boosts Immunity

The natural, bioactive compounds found in premium teas like green tea and black tea are useful for keeping our immune systems healthy so that we can stay young and active for a long time. Studies have shown that tea can facilitate immune cells to make them reach their targets quickly. For centuries together, Ayurveda practitioners have been consuming Tulsi tea to strengthen the immune system against illnesses and injuries, thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

4) Boosts Digestion

Tea also boosts digestive processes in the body. Many people tend to have tea subsequent to their meal for better digestion. Herbal teas, specifically chamomile, can be good for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome as it is an antispasmodic. While ginger teas can help calm nausea in many cases.

5) Helps in Weight Loss

Tea can significantly aid in weight loss as well. Evidence that supports this thesis is derived from studies conducted using tea extracts such as ECGC and other flavanols, catechins, polyphenols and caffeine. Consuming tea catechins for long can prove beneficial against obesity and type 2 diabetes as well as decrease the risk of coronary disease.

6) Helps Prevent Loss of Teeth

Studies have suggested that at least one cup of green tea daily could significantly lessen the odds of tooth loss. Other studies have reported that tea can also lower the pH balance of the tooth surface, suppressing the development of harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay. The fluoride content in tea works to help keep teeth healthy. The fluoride levels in green, black, and oolong teas are usually comparable to the ones recommended for preventing cavities.

Summing It Up

From green tea to black tea, from chamomile tea to oolong tea, all kinds of teas are full of flavonoids and many healthy goodies. Although more in-depth research is required to pinpoint its benefits in entirety, still tea can be made a part of a healthy eating pattern. For a powerful punch, one should steep their own tea and be careful about how sweetened it is to avoid excess sugars.


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