Brain Health Boost Through Physical Activity, Reduced Cognitive Decline

Brain Health Boost Through Physical Activity, Reduced Cognitive Decline

A recent release from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) stated that physical activity can be used to boost brain health.

UAMS shared adults need up to 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week in see benefit in the form of boosted brain health and overall quality of life.

The CDC says physical activity can significantly reduce cognitive decline including with issues such as dementia and related illnesses.

They added that this exercise can be as simple as turning on music at home and dancing. Other activities include taking your dog for a walk, parking at the back of a parking lot or getting up and marching in place when you’ve been sitting for a while.

If you participate in more vigorous physical activity it lowers to just 75 minutes per week.

Studies have shown the brain scans of those who are physically active show up younger than those who aren’t.

In addition, physical activity has been proven to help with coordination, and balance as well as improving memory and reducing anxiety and stress.

“You know we hear a lot about technology now so I’m going to make a reference I think all of us can understand. Our brain is the computer that runs it… all the operations. Every app in your body… the brain has to power those things or give them the right commands… give it the right instructions and it also has to give those commands correctly so exercising and building up those neuro pathways is one other thing that exercise does,” UAMS Chief Wellness Officer and Director of Wellness, Natalie Cannady said.

Physical activity can also help you sleep better, reduce risk of some cancers, and generally add years to your life.

Cannady did say however if you’re sensing something is off don’t solely rely on physical activity to make it better, speak with your doctor as soon as possible.

UAMS is promoting health and wellness this weekend with their “Walk with a Doc” event.

If you’re looking to kick start your physical journey with this event it will be held Saturday at 9:00 a.m. starting at the War Memorial North Lawn.

For more information on the walk click here .


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