Can Listening to Music Improve Your Workout

Can Listening to Music Improve Your Workout

There are plenty of reasons people choose to start working out. While some do it simply because they like it, others might be doing it because of some health issues or to improve their general health. However, no matter the reason people choose to exercise, the fact is that all of us sometimes need a bit of extra help and motivation.

That’s why so many people choose to listen to music while working out. The fact is that listening to music can – in fact – improve your workout. Here’s how.

Various styles of music have different effects on people. While you may enjoy the edgier tones usually associated with grunge or punk, our mom – for instance – may think you’re crazy. But the fact is that familiar tunes have a positive effect on our mental state. When you hear the songs you recognize – and particularly those you enjoy, your brain will boost your dopamine levels. The happier you are, the more motivated you’ll be to work out. That’s why you should allow your favorite tunes to motivate you and get you going. If your preferred workout is running, for instance, you can find a lot of excellent running watches that have the option to play music. Either through MP3, offline or some of the music streaming platforms, these will allow you to vibe with your favorite tunes while breaking some sweat.

Some studies suggest that people who enjoy the same type of music are generally more compatible. And since music is such a medium that really has the power to bring people together, it can seriously affect the way we approach our exercising efforts. Aside from boosted motivation, music can also make us feel a bit competitive. So, for example, if you and your friends or gym buddies are working out together while listening to some of your favorite tunes, you may notice that you begin to push yourself to do a bit more. By gradually increasing the pace of your exercise, you’ll slowly start to reap greater benefits and get more out of your workout.

On a similar note, music has also proven to be boosting people’s physical performance. Those who create a workout playlist and truly get lost in the tunes report that they have a far easier time working out. It’s simple, really – when you’re listening to music, your brain tends to get distracted, and you start paying more attention to the beat and the lyrics. And since your body has excellent muscle memory, this doesn’t prevent you from performing proper exercises. It just makes the entire experience feel significantly easier and interesting.

Finally, every person that’s working out has their own pace that naturally feels good. So, when you find the music whose beat matches your natural workout pace, you’ll feel much more in tune with your body when exercising. For instance, if you have chosen cycling as your preferred form of exercise, listening to music that has between 125 and 140 beats per minute (bpm) will help you reach and maintain your ideal tempo more easily. For treadmill exercises, the most sustainable bpm is somewhere between 123 and 131.

So, the next time you feel a drop in your workout motivation, get your wireless ear pods in and allow your favorite beats to get you moving. If working out is a necessity for you – and not passion – combining it with something you thoroughly enjoy – like listening to music, will make the entire experience far more pleasant and enjoyable. Not only that but it will help you keep pushing forward even when you don’t really feel like it, which will only benefit you in the long run.

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