Democrats promise to RAISE taxes if they are elected this November

Democrats promise to RAISE taxes if they are elected this November
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Image: Democrats promise to RAISE taxes if they are elected this November

(Natural News) The late Ronald Reagan once said that while conservatives believe every day is the Fourth of July, liberals believe every day is April 15th, or Tax Day. Former Speaker of the House and radical leftist Nancy Pelosi reminded us all of just how true Reagan’s words really are at a recent Politico event, where Pelosi implied that democrats would raise taxes if they were to regain control of the House of Representatives.

When asked to respond to concerns within the GOP that a Speaker Pelosi would “raise taxes” by making an effort to “roll back the tax cuts that they passed this year,” Pelosi replied: “The second part there is accurate.” (Related: Brain-numbed Nancy Pelosi is spreading vicious lies about tax cuts, claiming that the idea that people are taking home larger paychecks is a scam.)

Not surprisingly, Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, was quick to defend the former Speaker and attack Republicans who are suggesting, correctly, that Democrats want to raise taxes on hardworking Americans. “Once again, Republicans are desperate to misrepresent any effort to roll back their debt-exploding tax giveaways for big corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent as ‘raising taxes’ on middle class families,” Hammill said.

Evidently, Mr. Hammill hasn’t done his research.

As noted by Breitbart News, a report put out by the Treasury Department indicates that approximately 90 percent of workers will see their paychecks begin to increase once their employers put the tax tables into practice. This is especially significant considering the fact that millions of Americans have suffered financially for nearly a decade under the so-called leadership of Barack Obama. Now, thanks to President Trump and the Republican tax plan, they will finally be able to get some relief.

Lower taxes means higher growth

In January, the Daily Caller reported that an astonishing 164 companies, both large and small, have come out and publicly credited the GOP’s tax reform bill for bonuses and pay raises. Such companies included American Airlines, AT&T, many prominent savings and loan banks, Boeing, Comcast, Pacific Power, and Visa. Notably, this list was put out over four months ago, and there have likely been many more companies that have also credited the tax reform bill for bonuses and pay raises since then. (Related: The Trump tax cuts are boosting economic growth and are mostly paying for themselves.)

Even economists have refuted Pelosi’s claim, arguing that lower taxes actually lead to higher economic growth. One such economist is Jonathan Williams of the American Legislative Exchange Council, who spoke at an event last November and used the state of Kansas to illustrate the effects that both raising taxes and lowering taxes have on the citizenry.

“Based on our ranking of rich states, poor states of economic competitiveness, Kansas started out about 10 years ago at 29th in America,” Williams said. “After tax reform, about 2013, it bolted up to number 11.” Additionally, the Bureau of Economic Analysis found that between 2012 and 2015, job growth in Kansas grew by 1.3 percent per 10,000 residents. “Kansas trailed the national averages in economic growth for years before the 2012 reforms,” Williams further explained. “That was one of the primary drivers for tax reform in the first place.”

Clearly, there is an abundant amount of evidence that suggests that tax cuts – not tax increases – are beneficial to not just the super-rich, but all Americans. The fact that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are already pledging to do away with these tax cuts is a shame, and will bring America one step closer to the poor economic state that it was in when Barack Obama was in office. For the sake of our country, the GOP must do everything in its power to stop the Democrats this November, and every election year moving forward.

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