YouTube jumps in with Big Pharma, banning video channels that dare discuss natural cannabis medicine

YouTube jumps in with Big Pharma, banning video channels that dare discuss natural cannabis medicine
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Image: YouTube jumps in with Big Pharma, banning video channels that dare discuss natural cannabis medicine

(Natural News) The Natural News YouTube channel has been taken down – this time because we dared to discuss natural cannabis medicine.

YouTube has devolved into a tool of censorship, and Big Pharma is taking advantage of it, banning video channels that discuss natural medicine. YouTube is specifically targeting a video on the healing potential of cannabis oil, which is liberating more and more people from various pharmaceuticals that don’t work but do cause more harm.

YouTube shut off the Natural News Health channel with a single strike, all because a 43-second video described the healing potential of CBD oil. In a letter to the Health Ranger, YouTube claimed that the video on cannabis oil was subjecting viewers to “risk of serious physical harm or death.” Any talk about healing cancer without chemotherapy and radiation is dangerous, subjecting people to violent truths that they must be shielded from. In reality, patients are suffering under needless chemotherapy treatments. Equally important, you’re right to learn about the devastating effects of chemotherapy and the benefits of cannabis oil no longer exist on YouTube, because Big Pharma doesn’t want the discussion to take place, for the truth to get out. View the screenshots of the YouTube’s insidious strike here and check out the “dangerous” video that got the Health Ranger channel banned. Here’s the “offensive” text from the video:

A 52-year-old terminal cancer patient turned to cannabis oil after all chemotherapy treatments failed. Two years later, her stomach cancer is in complete remission.
Doctors initially told her she had just six weeks to live.
Today, the woman is living a happy, healthy, productive life.
“Cannabis oil should be legalized for medical purposes — people are dying and the chemotherapy isn’t curing them,” she says.

Big Pharma’s monetary control over physicians, medical journals, and news advertisement is stunning

The pharmaceutical industry spends nineteen times more money on advertisement than on research and development. It’s so obvious: their top priority is to brainwash the public, to create customers and retain them for life. According to legal records, pharmaceutical companies bribed over 800,000 U.S. doctors with over $6 billion in disclosed payments in a little over two years’ time.

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To make matters worse, the fifty-two most influential U.S. medical journals are flooded with money from Big Pharma. A BMJ study uncovered industry payments to 361 journal editors for fifty-two medical journals, with large sums paid to editors in endocrinology ($7,207 on average, up to $85,816), cardiology ($2,664 on average up to $12,912), gastroenterology ($696 on average, up to $20,002), rheumatology ($515 on average, up to $14,280), and urology ($480 on average up to $669).

YouTube is another outlet that pharmaceutical companies want to control. If the information presented in videos is endangering pharmaceutical sales and damaging the corrupt cancer treatment industry, then that information is to be considered dangerous and “unacceptable speech” that should be banned from the internet’s most influential channels.

Will YouTube begin banning all video channels that give “dangerous and unlicensed” health advice?

Could it be that YouTube is cracking down on unlicensed health advice? Simply giving testimony to cannabis oil’s healing virtues could be considered a crime by some medical authorities. In recent years, internet publishers and bloggers who give away health advice have been scrutinized and even jailed. YouTube may be joining this effort to rid the internet of health coaches, nutritionists, and alternative health advisors – slowly ridding the internet of videos that would lead people to better options in healthcare.

YouTube is now an enemy of natural medicine and holistic healing. YouTube has gone all in for Big Pharma’s corrupt system, which encourages oncologists such as Jorge Zamora-Quezada, who was recently indicted for giving numerous patients a false cancer diagnosis over an eighteen-year period in order to profit over $240 million from chemotherapy treatments. This is the corrupt cancer industry that YouTube wants to promote by banning any talk about real CBD oil treatments, nutrition, and detoxification alternatives that are setting people free. Nevertheless, YouTube is abusing its power and denying people access to lifesaving information on natural medicine.

Check out Cancer.News for articles on healing cancer and be sure to check out Censorship.News to keep up with Big Tech’s appalling censorship efforts. In light of all this, independent video channels are rising up. Most notably is Real.Video, which is set to launch in July 2018, and will include over 20,000 content channels that have already been requested.

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