Did you ever try nootropics and if so did they work for you?

Did you ever try nootropics and if so did they work for you?
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Yep in fact I did try a lot of them!

For you to understand why and my experience with Nootropics, a little background is needed!

I’ve been a great fan of trying and experimenting with various supplements, especially brain enhancing supplements. My line of work is very, very stressful and tiresome, so any help is a hugely welcome plus in my day.

I’ve tried many other bran pills over the years, ever since that famous movie sparked the interest in brain enhancers on everybody. After I stopped taking one of them because it was giving me headaches, I mentioned this side effect to a friend.

He laughed and said he also was a fan of brain enhancers and had found one that I would probably like, called Addieup, and urged me to give it a try. I’ve searched for it online and found many reviews saying it was excellent, that it worked, etc. As the price was reasonable, I decided to give it a go.

Delivery was speedy, and the product was very well packaged, an excellent first impression since often the bottles would come violated or with blank labels. So that was, at least for me, the first plus.

After trying it for a couple of days, I was pleasantly surprised to experience that it was working as intended at least for me. Working as it was supposed to as a Nootropic, the first effect I noticed was that my brain felt more awake as in thoughts were much more clear inside my head.

Gone was the lethargy and the jumbled thoughts I got whenever I was working for a long time non-stop, or when I woke up in the morning.

What was new to me is that I’ve also noticed I got more energy, which I didn’t get with any other brain enhancers I’ve tried before. Usually, I would get some benefits but experience a burn out effect after some time, and I would feel tired and spent.

With Addieup, I also feel like I can go to 10 meetings a day and keep going. It’s not something like with caffeine or anything like that; it feels natural like when you have a great night of sleep after a long weekend or vacation. It’s really impressive, makes taking on my days way easier every single day.

That was already a great first start. I said “working as it was supposed to” because many others didn’t have any noticeable effects at all. And the reason a good Nootropic like Addieup do that is by increasing the cerebral intake of oxygen and nutrients, dramatically improving your brain activity and causing you to feel more creative, relaxed and focused on everything around you. And with this one, the effect was very noticeable even at the fist pills I took. Great start if you ask me.

I’ve also noticed a remarkable increase in my capacity to recall things. No longer I was covering my screen in post-its or forgetting to call a client, which was on itself a great benefit! I’ve tried others that caused the same memory improvement, but often I felt headaches, and so far with Addieup I’ve had none. Nootropics are supposed to increase your memory because they boost cell to cell synapse activity. This was expected, but as many others promised but did not deliver, it was a pleasant surprise.

But the coolest and most unexpected thing I saved for last. People began noticing and telling me how I now was in a good mood all day long. That’s weird for my co-workers and family because, usually, I’m not in a good mood in the mornings. I am not a morning person so I can be very cranky and rude.

Getting an improved mood especially in the morning was unexpected, and since I’ve got no side effects at all, a great welcome bonus! I’ve researched about why Addieup caused this, and I found out that Addieup positively affects the production of serotonin, and that’s the main factor that improves your mood.

This is what the bottle looks like, so you know which one I’m talking about:

And, unlike the others I’ve tried, I have not experienced headaches, dry mouth, burnouts or lack of sleep. No side effects at all so far, at least in my case.

All in all, I’m a pleased customer.

So I can’t recommend it enough, you should give Addieup a try.

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