Dr. Gerald Horn Discusses the Difference Between Energy Drinks, Coffees, Nootropics and Breinfuel, a Cerebral Beverage

Deerfield, IL – ( NewMediaWire ) – January 07, 2021 – Breinfuel evolves from energy drinks, as well as coffees and nootropics. Breinfuel is a “cerebral high-performance beverage,” says Dr. Gerald Horn. What sets it apart from every beverage that came before it? It supports the stimulant effects of caffeine on brain and body metabolism evolving from other beverage sectors. Energy drinks often combine synthetic caffeine in water and can cause the brain to outstrip their metabolic support limitations. They also contain amino acids, which are also a key component of Breinfuel.

Nootropic supplements are designed to basically improve our cognitive performance and health. Caffeine is therefore a key component of many, but when they contain caffeine their primary metabolic support is largely limited to the amino acid L-theanine, which is also part of Breinfuel’s ingredient mix.

Coffee has evolved to cold brews, nitrogen infusion, addition of protein, and fats like grass-fed butter. These have added new opportunities to explore healthier ways to experience caffeine. But in Dr. Horn’s view the needs of the brain and body to support caffeine-induced metabolism are not fully supported by this class of beverages, which Breinfuel does in a non-coffee base. Breinfuel also evolves from this sector, which has healthier fuel and antioxidant support than energy drinks or nootropics, Dr. Horn believes.

Oxidative stress is a highly deleterious byproduct of poorly supported, caffeine-stimulated high metabolism. It occurs in all cells and is exacerbated by stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, toxins, pollutants, smoking and excessive alcohol or recreational drug use. Dr. Horn believes the brain and body just sputter when caffeine outstrips its metabolic support. The stigma of caffeine should be redirected to its lack of optimized support, he contends. There is no zero-calorie, high cane sugar, or high fructose corn syrup in Breinfuel. Dr. Gerald Horn calls the latter both “gunking up the engine,” and when combined with caffeine a potentially highly toxic mix.

Breinfuel begins with a rich caffeine blend, sourcing caffeine from green coffee beans and teas, and adding extracts of both to provide the best of what is in coffee and tea’s rich milieu of antioxidant support. Unlike roasted coffee, Breinfuel uses low heat applied to green coffee beans to obtain the best of what is in coffee – the antioxidants and related compounds – without the toxicity, loss of potency, and low concentration potential carcinogens that high heat roasting of coffee beans produce.

Breinfuel uses an optimized “Fuel Blend” to support caffeine accelerated brain and body metabolism more cleanly and efficiently, says Dr. Gerald Horn . The short-term fuel is a slight four grams of d-ribose (natural to the body), five grams of medium chain triglycerides which are easily absorbed sources of energy further supported for digestive health by the addition of five grams of hydrolyzed collagen, with its a healthy and easily absorbed form of protein very high in glycine – a key neurotransmitter and precursor of a key part of the brain’s only antioxidant pathway.

Breinfuel adds an “antioxidant” blend with more than ten times the minimum daily requirement of Vitamin C and E, to provide a 1-2 punch to the cytoplasm (water-based Vitamin C) and cell membranes (lipid/fat-based Vitamin E) to further protect against oxidative stress along with the other antioxidants in Breinfuel.

Breinfuel completes its caffeine support by adding a Brain-booster blend of other ingredients known that may provide brain and or body metabolic support. The blend includes zinc – a key brain and enzymatic systemic support; L-theanine, an amino acid with potent antioxidant benefits as well; beetroot, whose rich pink color gives Breinfuel its unique natural color from potent antioxidant betacyanin pigments (and may provide nitrous oxide-induced blood flow benefits as well); and creatine, which accelerates ADP to ATP conversion in the brain and systemically, and recent studies suggest may have antioxidant benefits as well.

Whether you consume coffee, energy drinks, nootropics, or naturally caffeinated, functional, better-for-you beverages, Breinfuel’s four blends of metabolic support redefine the caffeine experience. For those who believe they deserve more out of each day, Breinfuel provides a path forward that can be as life-changing as it can be exhilarating. Whether you are a world-class athlete, an entrepreneur, an essential worker, a super-mom who has to do it all, or just demand more out of each day – it’s time you tried Breinfuel. You can learn more at breinfuel.com

Dr. Gerald Horn is an Ophthalmologist and Medical Director of LasikPlus Chicago , with over three decades of experience in the medical field. He is passionate about holistic well-being and science in the cognitive performance space, and inventor of several pharmaceuticals now licensed or in FDA trials.

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