Food for Thought: Brain Food for Midterms Week

Food for Thought: Brain Food for Midterms Week

1. Coffee

Coffee is probably already a part of many college students’ diets, so here’s some good news: according to this article , apparently coffee is excellent for improved cognitive function. Additionally, the caffeine found in coffee points to improved memory and a higher level of alertness, making it an excellent brain food. The benefits don’t just stop with the effect on the brain, though. According to the same source, a more positive mood and lower feelings of fatigue are also associated with coffee, which is much appreciated after, say, a night of staying up all night studying. So, next time you have a big test coming up or a project due, consider having a cup of joe before you start your day. 2. Blueberries

Blueberries are a well-known brain food, and after some research, I can definitely see why. As this article on Thinking Nutrition states , blueberries are super high in antioxidants. While this can mean that, in the long run, they can lower your risk of developing dementia, there are also some short term benefits as well. For instance, blueberries increase cognitive function, and can increase blood flow to the brain, helping to keep you sharp. Try throwing some in a smoothie or a yogurt bowl for breakfast on the morning of your next test, and see if it helps. 3. Fish

Let’s take break on breakfast for a minute and focus on something you can eat the night before a midterm test: fish. Particularly, fish that has a lot of oils. According to this source at Medical News Today , fish is a great brain food because it is high in Omega-3s, which helps improve overall brain cell structure and blood flow to the brain. This, in turn, increases your brain’s cognitive capabilities. 4. Chamomile Tea

Here’s another beverage to consider drinking around test time. However, instead of drinking this item in the morning, you’re definitely going to want to have it at night, post-dinner and pre-bedtime. This article points out that because chamomile tea is high in an antioxidant apigenin, it has been shown to improve sleep quality. Additionally, chamomile tea has no caffeine, and the coziness of a warm beverage right before sleep will be just what you need to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success the next day. Chamomile tea may also be beneficial to the immune system, which is important to keep up with during times of high stress. 5. Avocados

Ah yes, rounding out the list is my personal favorite fruit (because yes, avocados are, in fact, fruits). Amazingly, something this yummy also has some significant health benefits. Besides being an amazing source of natural fats, this article indicates that avocados are also high in vitamin K and folate, both of which can improve concentration and memory recall. That being said, this would be a beneficial food to include in any meal around test time. Try having some guacamole and chips as a study snack the night before, and slice some up and put it on toast for breakfast the morning of.

Good luck to everyone taking a midterm this week, I wish you all happy, healthy eating.


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