How Did Kate Hudson Shed Her Baby Weight? We Went Straight to Her Personal Trainer to Find out—and TBH, Her Tips Are Totally Do-Able

How Did Kate Hudson Shed Her Baby Weight? We Went Straight to Her Personal Trainer to Find out—and TBH, Her Tips Are Totally Do-Able
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Unlike Kate Hudson, most new moms don’t set a weight loss goal to coincide with filming a movie (25 pounds and Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, if you’re wondering). However, like Hudson, who gave birth to her third child in October 2018, many do set goals to move their post-baby bodies and help them take on whatever new form they may be.

It’s easy for exercise to feel like a chore—especially when lumped in with the demands of motherhood—but it’s that emphasis on just moving the body that can make it a daily escape of sorts. Take it from Nicole Winhoffer, a featured trainer on the current season of E!’s Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, who doubles as Hudson’s personal trainer. Creator of the NW Method, Winhoffer designs workouts that help you express yourself through movement, something that can especially help new moms who spend most of their day going through the motions of diaper changes and feedings (and maybe even the occasional board meeting after a pumping session).

Hudson, who just turned 40 in April, worked with Winhoffer four to five days per week and mixed in the occasional Pilates session. While most moms—or people, really—don’t have personal access to a celebrity trainer, the internet has made it possible to work with one. (Winfhoffer offers NW Method classes and the Transformation Nation workouts her clients on Revenge Body used online.) But even more than their work together, Winhoffer credits Hudson’s “free spirit” and “willingness to move, be free and express herself” with her progress and dedication to her health.

Fitness is of course an integral part of Hudson’s job—she launched fitness retailer Fabletics in 2013—but even as she shared her post-baby routine online, she admits that it is “hard to balance kids and personal time.” The entrepreneur and actress stayed active during her pregnancy and emphasizes she is working toward a strong body AND mind. Between her work with Winhoffer and time spent reading the motherhood support book, Mamaste (written by her doula), Hudson is an example of the benefit of making movement and balance a daily practice.

So…here we go! The routine with our baby is getting more familiar and I’m ready to start taking a little time in the day focusing on myself. For me that means my health. Why? Because I wanna be around a long time for these three kiddos of mine. I know that some are curious about what that means and for all you moms (wether working or not working moms) it is the most challenging thing in the world to balance kids and personal time. Let’s be honest, kids take the number one position and it’s haaaaard to make the time for yourself. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’ve spent my life time trying all kinds of new things that are focused on health and wellness. Because I am on a mission right now to get back to my fighting weight ;) and my strong body/mind back I want to bring you in on some of this journey. If you want to follow a more in-depth of my to-dos, @prettyhappy will be posting all kinds of fun tidbits from exercises we are loving to foods/recipes we and meditation practices I just can’t live without ???? MY GOAL: I will be shooting a film in the spring and I’m looking to shed 25lbs. I’d like to try new workouts and eat as healthy as I can. I wanna do all this and keep up milk production, raise my kids, work everyday, make time for my man, have girlfriend time and stay sane! ???? I know that this sounds more like a new year resolution but after Thanksgiving and everyone thanking their health, I feel motivated to keep that up. Much love and hope everyone’s Having an amazing start to the holidays! ????

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If you’re a new mom reading this and are still thinking, But she probably has a whole fleet of trainers and nutritionists and nannies and stylists!, well, you’re not wrong. But we chatted with Winhoffer to find out what she had Hudson focus on in their first workouts together after the birth of her daughter, the three body parts you should focus on (yes, only three!) and her guidance for the realistic way to fit in time to move and connect with who you are now (because let’s face it, motherhood changes things).

How long after Kate had her daughter did you two begin to work together again? Did you have to make any modifications or considerations in her first few sessions back?

I am from [New York City] and took a trip to Los Angeles for the Oscars; I believe it was five months. For my sessions with Kate, I focused on attuning to her body and abs, as mothers go through ab separation post-pregnancy. The most important goal for the sessions was to allow her to move to music and feel her body and muscles.

You created the NW Method to target three major areas: the back of arms, waist and butt. Why should people focus on these areas?

They are the most underused areas of the body. Human beings overuse the same muscles in their daily habitual movements: everything is forward motion. Therefore, the focus on underused muscles keeps the body balanced, flexible and in perfect natural form. Aesthetically, I focus on these areas to enhance the curves and shape of the female silhouette.

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You’ve shared workouts with Kate on Instagram that really just look like one big dance party! Why do you think exercise has gotten a reputation for being a chore—and how did you approach changing that?

Exercise always gave the perception that there was something wrong with the current state or a need to change. I approach fitness through celebrating perfection and having fun. When one celebrates, the biochemistry in the brain makes a connection with success and starts to increase the progression and ideal body.

A lot of moms may see celebrities spending time working with a personal trainer and wonder if they can realistically find time to work out, too. How can a new mom can squeeze in movement during naps or between feedings?

Typically, the goal is a continuous flow of NW Method to induce muscle memory with repetition. If there are too many breaks, the brain and muscles might not make a connection toward progress. With my mom clients, I encourage them to create at least 45 minutes 4-5 days a week scheduled for ‘YOU TIME.’ Once this habit is achieved, then it becomes a positive [routine].

After having a baby, your body is different and may not go back to its pre-baby state. From your experience with Kate, what would you say to moms who may be struggling to learn how their new body adapts to exercise?

Practice feeling your body and hyper-focusing on the bones, muscles and posture of your body. Energy flows where attention goes. Focus on repetition and setting aside at least 45 minutes per day of continuous flow. Even if you don’t have access to a trainer, there are videos online that can be used toward your progress. Let it become your ‘YOU TIME.’

Which of your workouts do you recommend people try out at home if they are looking for a way to fill that ‘you time?’

[If you are looking for workouts] focused on the problem areas of women, my favorites are: Waist Trimmer, Silhouette Sculptor, Dumbbells and Thighs, and It’s So Tight. These videos are so much fun! I also offer Transformation Nation: 12 Weeks to the Best You online. These 12 raw videos are un-edited real programs… Each week they focus on a new area of the body and a new intention for the week. I believe in intention and moving energy mentally and emotionally in addition to physically; everything is connected and is important to keep in motion.

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