Hunter Test | REVIEW | A Testosterone Booster manufactured in the UK

Hunter Test | REVIEW | A Testosterone Booster manufactured in the UK
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A wide variety of testosterone boosters are available in the market. Each one with different composition, value and different effective capacity. The Hunter Test – tody’s topic of our review – is a legal natural product, manufactured in the UK, having gained the world’s acceptance so far.

It attracted our attention, we found it and tried it, so here we are presenting it to you.

Everything regarding this product, pros & cons, all the necessary information you might need for this product, in case you are thinking of going to buy it.

In the last years, testosterone boosters have become a necessary nutritional supplement – so to speak – for every husband, every age and physical condition.

The testosterone hormone – the so-called “male hormone” – is naturally produced by the body (more specifically by the testicles) and plays a catalytic role in the general health and physical condition of a man.

External look, physical fitness, strength, endurance and sexual capability, as well as many other important issues are directly related to this hormone levels in the body.

Why I need a testosterone booster?


In your 20 years, the hormone testosterone is “at its peak”! You are full of health, strength and energy. Your sexual momentum strikes the top. Your body is strong and durable. You have high levels of strength and you feel that your power will never give up!

Passing the age of 30 – unfortunately – testosterone levels are gradually beginning to decline every year! Together with the hormone testosterone, however, you are slowly feeling your strength going away too. Your body is gradually changing, and so your physical condition and psychological state.

A testosterone booster can help in a slower and smoother reduction of the male hormone. This means that youth, physical strength and firmness are maintained as well as a good sexual performance for a longer time.

Hunter Test – What it is

This product of Roar Ambition, the Hunter Test, is manufactured in special and certified laboratories in UK and has already become known and very popular worldwide.

The Hunter Test Supplement – as we see in its official website – claims to increase testosterone production by the body, boost body strength and endurance, promote the rebuilding of your muscle mass and look, improve the physical condition and health, increase your sexual drive and uplift your self-esteem.

Quite a lot of things, so remains to be seen how many of these claims are really true.

The first positive fact observed in the Hunter Test pack was its active composition of 9 natural ingredients, well known for their beneficial properties.

The fact that these are ingredients thoroughly researched by scientists for their beneficial properties is a proof that the product has a good basis and (possibly) it is not yet a completely useless supplement, with no effective power or capability.

Surely you have bought supplements claiming everything and finally you found out that it was a waste of money.

It’s really frustrating, affecting everyone in a negative way, making every potential user losing its faith.

So it is extremely important paying attention to the information available for a product PRIOR to its purchase. The real problem is not the waste of money but your confidence that is lost.

Today, the Hunter Test comes into our own “microscope” to examine all its negative and positive data.

Hunter Test – Composition

As mentioned above, it contains only natural materials. So we could state with no doubt that this is a safe dietary supplement not causing problems in your organism and health. There will be no unpleasant side effects, troubles, and unpleasant situations.

Finally are we happy if we say that Hunter Test is a “good product”?

Certainly not. It’s not only the fact that a dietary supplement contains good ingredients to characterize it as a good product or a good supplement. It must contain these ingredients at an appropriate ratio so their active and beneficial capability comes to full.

Here it is an analysis of each of these ingredients contained in Hunter Test (quantity, action, daily value).

No.1 Ingredient: Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)


Amount / Dose: 5000 IU

Percentage% of RDD (Recommended Daily Dose): 1250%

Element important for the health of every person, age and sex. It is found In this particular nutritional supplement – where it is seen in a very large quantity – to play a catalytic role in the protection and normal functioning of the muscular system.

So for anyone following a regular exercise and wishing to see its body return to its old strength and look, Vitamin D3 is a very good start.

In addition, it contributes to general health, good psychology, and blood pressure levels within the normal range.

NOTE: Vitamin D3 is naturally produced by the body itself when the naked skin comes in contact with the sun’s rays. A very simple blood test could give the amount of vitamin production. Most people – unfortunately – present incomplete production of Vitamin D and need to complement it.

No.2 Ingredient: Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone 7)

Quantity / Dose: 150 mcg

Percentage% of RDD: 188%

Another ingredient of Hunter Test, requiring special attention is Vitamin K2. Why its addition is so important to the composition of this product? It is not aimed at muscular reconstruction. It does not give energy. It does not increase your stamina. Then why it is needed? This particular vitamin focuses on the health of your bones. The bones are much worse after everyday life, mostly due to hard workouts in the gym.

Vitamin K2 also promotes normal blood clotting.

No.3 Ingredient: Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate)

Quantity / Dose: 200 mg

Percentage% of RDD: 50%

One of the most useful minerals for the body is Magnesium. It has not a single action, but it plays a broad and essential role in many of the body’s functions. Among other things it fights the feeling of tiredness and raises the beneficial energy and strength of the body.

Especially for people exercising systematically this energy is extremely beneficial to achieve better and faster muscle gains!

No.4 component: Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate)

Quantity / Dose: 30 mg

Percentage% of RDD: 200%

A valuable trace element – an excellent addition to the ingredients list of the supplement, indeed. It works boosting male fertility, maintains the levels of male hormone (testosterone) at normal levels … and therefore also boosters its reproductive process.

No.5 component: D-Aspartic Acid


Quantity / Dose: 3000 mg

Percentage% of RDD: not available

An irreplaceable ingredient! D-Aspartic Acid is found in many dietary supplements and – I would say – not by accident!

The Hunter Test contains this powerful ingredient in an incredibly large amount (3000 mg) more than in any other dietary supplements

D-Aspartic Acid helps the body replenish the lost amounts of testosterone. Increases the amounts of cholesterol eventually converted to testosterone in your testicles!

No.6 Ingredient: Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng Root) (Standardized to 5% Ginsenosides)

Quantity / Dose: 300 mg

Percentage% of RDD: not available

Asian Ginseng, an Eastern Herb, is a basic building block in many nutritional supplements (and not just testosterone boosters).

Essentially, what this valuable herb achieves is, to ensure a good psychology (which is generally everything for good health).

It also enhances brain function and improves memory while helps the body to produce a higher amount of testosterone, due to the elevated levels of Luteinizing Hormone.

No.7 ingredient: Ashwagandha Extract (Withania Somnifera Root) (Standardized to 1.5% Withanolides)

Quantity / Dose: 100 mg

Percentage% of RDD: not available

Another “exotic” element of Hunter Test’s composition, used in alternative medicine for centuries is Ashwagandha.

It does not belong to the main ingredients of the supplement, in the sense that it does not boost testosterone.

Its action is beneficial in an indirect rather than direct way. It reduces the levels of anxiety and harmful toxins created in the body dramatically.

So, in an indirect way, the production of the testosterone in the body is increased.

No.8 Ingredient: Indole-3-Carbinol


Quantity / Dose: 200 mg

Percentage% of RDD: not available

This particular ingredient promotes natural testosterone production by the body, reducing the number of estrogen, namely, “female hormones”.

It is a great and certain way to quickly “upgrade” the person itself and recover its lost power, momentum, physical form, endurance and sexual mood and performance.

No.9 Component: Boron (as Boron Amino Acid Chelate)

Quantity / Dose: 10 mg

Percentage% of RDD: not available

It might be found in many nutritional elements and various foods (fruits, nuts), but – unfortunately – in a very small amount.

To be effective, it should be taken in a larger quantity, such as the one contained by the Hunter Test. It gives a dynamic boost and energy.

Hunter Test – A satisfactory composition?


The Hunter Test contains sufficient – and indeed – very strong natural ingredients – which in the right quantities can offer a very satisfactory result to user.

Following a personal use of this supplement, I can say that I was completely satisfied with the muscle gains I achieved, but also in general with myself renovated in a way.

I did not feel any annoying side effects or anything to worry about. The great advantage of the Hunter Test and its use was – personally for me – the feeling of great amounts of energy gained.

I had a significantly higher endurance and clearly better performance in training and not only.

It is a new product being accepted in a positive way by the people and gaining an increasing number of positive reviews by consumers and users.

Any side effects?

I personally did not experience any side effects. As stated by its manufacturer, Hunter Test is a legal and, most significantly, absolutely natural product, which, if taken according to the instructions for use, does not cause any side effects or complications in the body.

WARNING: The abuse – of even a perfectly natural product such as the Hunter Test – may have adverse results!

Generally, natural dietary supplements are safe for the body and therefore no prescription is required for taking them. In particular, the Hunter Test does not contain caffeine (which is very common in similar supplements) or other stimulants.

This results in no nervousness, sleeping problems or irritability (a side effect commonly found in fat burners containing natural or chemical stimulants)!

Is suitable for me?


There are many key elements very encouraging with this nutritional supplement:

  • Company data is provided
  • provides a clear composition
  • it is a natural and not a chemical product
  • receives good reviews
  • contains strong doses of its active ingredients

Any cons?

  • it’s expensive in a way
  • sold via internet only
  • not suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • requires a combination of diet & exercise to present the desired results


The Hunter Test is sold through its official website.


Price / Package: 75.00 US Dolars

NOTE: The company offers Hunter Test purchase packages as well. Visit the official product website for more information.


Today’s review concerning the Hunter Test is a testosterone booster received either for feeling rejuvenated or for assisting the workouts.

It brings results, but personal effort (physical exercise and careful nutrition) is also needed to see the desired results.

Its price is not the most economical (at the same time not so high to be not affordable), especially if you are aiming for a long time use, but it is certain that the money spent for it it is not a waste.

It is a high-quality formula with ingredients specially selected and given in high and effective doses!

Its use offers significant benefits not unnoticed:

  • muscle gains
  • body fat burning
  • improved mood
  • increased performance in training
  • elevated libido
  • •fighting fatigue
  • improved brain function
  • focus
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