Jigsaw puzzles are fun way to learn interesting things

Jigsaw puzzles are fun way to learn interesting things
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Jigsaw puzzles were invented in England in the 1760s, appearing first in the form of wooden pieces assembled to make maps of Europe. The popularity of the jigsaw puzzle reached its peak during the Great Depression, when it evolved into a form of entertainment that met any budget.

Today, jigsaw puzzles can be easily found on the shelves of toy and hobby stores, coming in all shapes and sizes, featuring a wide variety of subjects including pets and landscapes. In the area of smartphone games, intellectual puzzles still retain their attraction because they benefit our brains.

Good for kids and adults

Putting together pictures for 2D puzzles or assembling 3D puzzle models helps both children and adults develop and improve their motor skills, spatial intelligence, and hand-eye coordination.

It has been seen that children who enjoy puzzles enhance their writing and speaking skills. Puzzles help train the memory and focus attention. The assembly requires a mental imaging process to remember details, which trains memory, attention, patience and perseverance.

3D jigsaw puzzles can be a useful intellectual tool to get children to turn away from their smartphones and engage in a productive activity as well as help adults unwind after work without resorting to watching TV.

In addition, the sense of achievement can bring self-confidence and facilitate independent thinking.

In sum, jigsaw puzzles can be a family tradition that promotes a sense of unity and belonging while being an exciting and fun activity for every member.

Easy and difficult

3D puzzles from UGears models, made with high-grade plywood, can be easily transported or carried from one place to another and put together without any special tools like scissors or glue.

Wooden 3D puzzles by UGears
A wooden 3D puzzle by UGears.

Each set in a 3D puzzle features moving parts or mechanical elements that illustrate laws of physics, making each set a hands-on educational tool while adding an element of décor to a house.

The open exteriors allow a view of moving rods and linkages inside the high-detailed toy, like rubber-band motors that allow cars and trucks to move on their own, elegant gears underneath a lavish exterior of a jewelry box or the soothing motion of a pendulum of an old-fashioned table clock.

Wooden 3D puzzles by UGears are made of 100 percent natural materials, cover a variety of themes with three difficulty levels for all ages and interests. The Easy category sets can be assembled with one to three hours, while the Intermediate and Hard ones take between four to eight and nine to 16 hours to build, offering hours of fun for the whole family as well as great satisfaction.

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