Keto Vida (TM) Nootropic Offers Keto Dieters ‘The Ultimate Brain Booster’

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(MENAFN - ACCESSWIRE ) SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2019 / As more and more consumers join the keto diet phenomenon, it only makes sense that more and more keto-friendly brands begin to emerge. One such brand, Keto Vida™, has distinguished itself by offering low-carb enthusiasts a variety of supplements designed to complement the ketosis process.

One such product is Keto Vida™ Nootropic. The energy and focus capsules have been clinically tested and formulated to improve mood, ignite energy, and enhance your mental performance. The brand refers to them as the 'Ultimate Brain Booster', pointing out that consumers can 'just take one capsule a day and watch the difference in your mood, mental performance, and focus.'

Keto Vida prides itself in offering a natural solution for energy and focus. The physician-formulated ingredients in Nootropic include the most trusted and studies herbs in existence. The capsules include healthy doses of Gingko Baloba, St. Johns Wort, Bacopa, Phosphatidylserine, and more. This allows customers to avoid crashing, jitters, and other unwanted side effects from caffeine.

Nootropic is currently one of four products offered by the burgeoning brand. All Keto Vida™ supplements are designed to maximize the low-carb ketogenic lifestyle. Each product is meticulously crafted to reach and maintain ketosis, increase energy without crashing, and promote long-lasting health benefits in addition to weight loss.

As soon as the body's limited reserves of glucose starts to run out, your entire body switches its fuel supply to run almost completely on fat. The levels of the fat-storing hormone insulin levels become very low, and fat burning increases dramatically. This is called ketosis, and is the basis for the extremely popular ketogenic diet.

By creating a brain booster designed to complement the diet, Keto Vida hopes to allow a full assortment of benefits to those who choose to 'Live the Keto Vida'.

Those who are interested in Nootropic, or other keto-friendly supplements, they can find all four products at , on Amazon, or through various other online platforms.


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