Kin Euphoric Beverages: The Alcohol-Free Drinks You’ve Been Waiting For

Kin Euphoric Beverages: The Alcohol-Free Drinks You’ve Been Waiting For

There have always been lots of reasons to drink alcohol , and the events of 2020 have only added to that list. But one of the biggest reasons for people drink is to enhance a sense of social connection with others. For many people, that benefit alone is worth the negative side-effects associated with drinking, like hangovers or loss of control. But over time, it can also seem as if alcohol is providing diminishing returns. So if you’ve been looking for an alternative, Kin’s special brand of “euphoric beverages” are alcohol-free drinks that might be just what you need to fill the gap. Kin Euphoric beverages are alcohol-free drinks that are chemically engineered to give you a variety of euphoric sensations, as well as an increase in conscious connection with others. This is done by way of natural herbs known as adaptogens that let users better manage stress, compounds called nootropics that boost cognition, and other plant-based ingredients called botanics that handle flavor, function, and nutrition. Together, these adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics give us Kin’s euphoric beverages , which come in three different varieties. Here’s a rundown of the alcohol-free drinks offered by Kin.

Kin Spritz is meant as a daytime drink that gives you a sunny boost of euphorics from the first gulp. The Kin version of a classic “summer spritz” has a flavor core of citrus and a ginger kick that gives it a unique flavor in front of the euphorics, which react to your own personal body chemistry to create a plethora of possible effects. Some report euphoric joy, while others report a relaxing calm sensation. And the cognitive brain boost courtesy of the nootropics in the drink can make it a valuable part of your daily routine.

Kin’s nighttime drink comes with a light dose of melatonin, the substance your own brain produces when it’s time to go to sleep. Relaxation and euphoria are some of the common effects enjoyed by those who drink Dream Light , and it’s designed to be the perfect nightcap to help start the process of getting you to sleep, but without any strong side-effects. On the flavor side, it has an “earthy, smoky, and smoothly spiced palette.” It also contains L-theanine and passionflower, which give a boost to your GABA levels, and l-tryptophan which supports the flow of serotonin, another important component of your body’s sleep process. High Rhode

Kin High Rhode is the tart, floral herbaceous euphoric that’s designed as a mixer. Alcohol is not encouraged to be used with this or any Kin product, but High Rhode makes a great combination with your favorite juices and sodas and can give you a euphoric boost in relaxation, clear thought, and social interactions.

All Kin products can be purchased individually, or as part of a subscription plan at a discount. Gift sets are also available. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to hangovers and change the paradigm of “social drinking,” you’re ready to embark on your first journey into the world of euphorics. So head over to the official Kin site , where you can order any or all of Kin’s alcohol-free drinks, today.

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