Memophenol Found To Boost Student Mental Performance

Memophenol Found To Boost Student Mental Performance
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Memophenol has been clinically proven to help prevent age related cognitive decline in seniors, now it has been found to act as cognitive performance booster in a new clinical study.

The cross over, randomized, double blind placebo controlled clinical study involved 30 graduate students between the ages of 18-25, who took both placebo and 600mg of Memophenol in acute doses 90 minutes before an hour of intense mental effort, wherein cognitive performance such as alertness, attention, and working memory was assessed by objective and self assessment validation testing in exam conditions.

Acute supplementation was found to have induced booster effects in just 90 minutes; results show higher cognitive performance by 36% while students were supplemented with Memophenol, and students reported feeling significantly more performant by 39%.

20% of students report using smart nootropic drugs to help boost cognition, improve focus, and to stay competitive, which may have potential long term side effects; nootropics are substances that enhance cognition and memory to facilitate learning and well-being which are trending in schools.

Developing a safer compound or finding an alternative could eliminate potential side effects while still boosting cognition. Memophenol may be comparable to nootropic drugs without the potential side effects. Several companies are responding to consumer interest in natural nootropics and are working to develop cognition enhancing ingredients to boost brain health.

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