Natural Grocers lists mushrooms among 2019 nutrition trends

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This Vons in Las Vegas included mushrooms in a number of fresh-cut offerings, and Natural Grocers expects more mushrooms in many products in 2019. (Photo by Ashley Nickle)

Natural Grocers praised the health benefits of mushrooms in its 2019 nutrition trends predictions list, which also anticipates a big year for nootropics for brain health, healthy fats for energy and ingredient lists for clarity.

Natural Grocers refers to the inclusion of mushrooms in a growing number of products as “the shroom boom.”

“In the last several years, the amount of scientific research published on mushrooms has exploded,” Shelby Miller, manager of nutrition, research and education for Natural Grocers, said in a news release. “Turns out, mushrooms hold the power to support the immune system, blood sugar balance, brain health, liver health, respiratory health, hormone balance and can even boost energy levels. In response to the growing mountain of research promoting the health benefits of mushrooms, the supplement, grocery and even body-care industries are introducing more ways to try out these fungal superheroes.”

As a result, the company expects to see more mushroom supplements, teas, tonics, broths and coffees in 2019.

Three more trends Natural Grocers predicts are continued interest in cutting added sugar, more attention on ingredient lists rather than nutrition facts panels, and eating meat and dairy products from sustainable operations.

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