Neurohacker Expands its Healthcare Practitioner Channel through a Partnership with Natural Partners Fullscript

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ENCINITAS, Calif., March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Neurohacker Collective, the leader in optimizing human capacity with a focus on brain supplements, announces the launch of its nootropics line - Qualia Mind, Qualia Focus, and Qualia Mind Caffeine Free, on Fullscript, the premiere online supplement dispensing platform for healthcare practitioners and Natural Partners, an e-commerce platform for wholesale ordering of professional grade supplements. Neurohacker creates best-in-class, well-being products and is focused on a unique research methodology based on complex systems science, which understands that different systems in the body don't act in isolation.

"We are very pleased to partner with Natural Partners Fullscript," says Neurohacker co-Founder, James Schmachtenberger. "This partnership will enable us to distribute our products to Natural Partners' network of over 27,000 healthcare providers."

"Introducing Neurohacker to our portfolio meets the growing interest of nootropic products among our practitioners," says Kyle Braatz, President of Natural Partners Fullscript. "We are excited to watch this brand grow in the healthcare community as a Natural Partners Fullscript partner."

The Natural Partners Fullscript platforms allow practitioners to provide supplements and products to their patients, no matter how they do business. With Fullscript, practitioners don't need to manage a physical inventory, while Natural Partners allows practitioners to fulfill their in-practice dispensary.

"I have been using nootropics for years, and recommending them to my patients as well. Normally, only 50% of them would respond favorably so I started to look for other resources. Once I started using Qualia in my practice I saw that 90% of the patients were responding favorably. That's a drastic difference and why I stand behind this product line," says Dr. Daniel Stickler, Medical Director of Neurohacker, and Chief Medical Officer of the Apeiron Center.

Developed by a team of premiere, forward-thinking scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs, the Qualia product line incorporates the highest quality and most bioactive ingredients to deliver optimal results achieved through rigorous testing. This careful and laborious formulation process lead to the creation of a nootropic that doctors, healthcare practitioners, scientists, health and wellness leaders enjoy recommending to their patients and clients. Qualia, while designed to support increased cognition, also up-regulates the entire body to support peak performance.

About Neurohacker Collective
In the emerging field of Complex Systems Science for performance optimization, innovators of Neurohacker Collective consider the entire ecosystem of the body when reshaping well-being products. The collective is dedicated to increasing human capacity by helping people tap into their brain power with a series of supplements that supports adaptation to stress and emotional resilience while simultaneously enhancing all primary aspects of brain function including focus, clarity, problem-solving, reasoning, etc.

Neurohacker's core product line, Qualia, feeds the body with high purity, powerful nutrients, comprehensively formulated, rigorously-tested and scientifically-researched to be fast acting while supporting long-term brain health. People rely on Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus products to expand the capacity of their brain-power and to conquer everyday tasks with clean, lasting energy.

About Natural Partners
Natural Partners Fullscript is a trusted resource for integrative healthcare practitioners who strive to improve patient wellness and improve patient practice economics. With over 275 high-quality professional brands and more than 15,000 products, Natural Partners Fullscript provides the perfect dispensing solution, no matter how practitioners do business. Visit to stock in-office dispensary with the essentials for acute care. Improve patient adherence and win the refill business by setting up your online dispensary at

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