New studies show that high cholesterol REDUCES mortality, revealing total scam of statin drugs, Big Pharma’s biggest profit generator

New studies show that high cholesterol REDUCES mortality, revealing total scam of statin drugs, Big Pharma’s biggest profit generator
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Image: New studies show that high cholesterol REDUCES mortality, revealing total scam of statin drugs, Big Pharma’s biggest profit generator

(Natural News) The myth that cholesterol is somehow toxic to the human body has greatly enriched the pharmaceutical industry, generating profits to the tune of billions for drug companies that mass market their cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to heart patients. But it’s important to remember that science doesn’t actually support this farce, and in fact shows that cholesterol is good for the human body, helping to decrease mortality.

This might not be news to our regular readers, but it remains a mystery to millions of Americans who still believe that egg yolks are going to kill them, along with animal fat. A new analysis evaluated by American Thinker‘s Thomas Lifson reiterates the fact that cholesterol is not a cause of heart attacks, as many people have been led to believe. The truth is that cholesterol helps to protect against heart attacks, which means that statin drugs actually work against your body’s best interests.

Pointing to an extensive data analysis published at, Lifson explains how high cholesterol, and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol in particular, helps to decrease mortality risk, completely contradicting the official narrative about cholesterol that’s pervaded the public psyche for many decades.

Penned by P.D. Mangan, the analysis concludes that cholesterol has no connection whatsoever to heart disease, and actually contributes to its prevention. That’s right: Eating bacon and eggs every morning won’t kill you, and may in fact prolong your life – just be sure to buy the clean varieties that come from pasture-raised animals if these foods are part of your dietary routine.

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“While total cholesterol is a poor if not utterly worthless risk marker for heart disease, doctors have focused on it to the exclusion of how it might affect other causes of death,” Mangan writes, emphasizing the fact that statins eliminate something from the body that actually protects it, while themselves contributing to an increased risk of death from other causes.

“It does you little good to save yourself from heart disease if it means that you increase your risk of death from cancer,” he adds, noting that statins are a known cause of cancer that should be avoided at all costs.

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Cholesterol protects against infections, atherosclerosis, cancer, and violent behavior

As part of his analysis, Mangan presents three data charts as evidence that cholesterol is not the dietary villain that it’s been made out to be. The studies from which his data compilation was extracted reveal that cholesterol protects against infections and atherosclerosis, as well as cancer – and when is the last time you heard about any of this from the mainstream media?

Additionally, cholesterol has been found to reduce the risk of violence, believe it or not. In one study, researchers found that those with the lowest quartile (fourth) of cholesterol levels in their bodies were six times more likely than those with high cholesterol levels to try to commit suicide. In other words, cholesterol interacts with brain chemistry in a positive way – this, again, being important information that the mainstream media has never presented to the public.

“People feasting on bacon and eggs or Kobe beef are unlikely to kill themselves or anyone else, all right,” Lifson notes. “More often, they feel like a nap, I can report based on rigorous testing on myself,” he adds, jokingly.

No matter how you look at it, cholesterol is certainly not the “poison” that mainstream doctors and health “authorities” claim it is. By depriving your body of cholesterol, you’re actually starving it of an important fuel that helps to balance not just your neurochemistry but also your hormones, which could explain why so many people these days are suffering from gender dysphoria and other gender-related illnesses.

Since cholesterol has been demonized for at least the past 50 years, an entire generation of people has been gorging on low-cholesterol, low-fat foods that have completely wrecked their ability to maintain homeostasis. Perhaps this lack of cholesterol and healthy fats all these years is why society is crumbling at an ever-accelerating rate? One has to wonder, at least.

“Many media can’t be trusted to deliver good science news,” Lifson contends as he warns the American public against accepting everything that government officials and health “authorities” dogmatically claim as nutritional fact, simply because these people hold positions of power.

“Stick with foods as close to their naturally occurring state as possible – e.g., butter instead of margarine, less processed over more so,” he adds. “Avoid stress when possible and cultivate a mindset that doesn’t breed it. That is to say, people with a higher perspective – people of faith – tend to instinctively keep things in perspective; smaller perspectives breed small-mindedness and the sweating of the small stuff.”

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