Nutrition Research Publishes Study Showing Kemin Neumentix Product Improves Focus

Nutrition Research Publishes Study Showing Kemin Neumentix Product Improves Focus
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DES MOINES, Iowa: Peer-reviewed journal Nutrition Research recently published new clinical science supporting cognitive performance with Neumentix, a high-polyphenol nootropic ingredient from Kemin Human Nutrition and Health.
The supplement showed an 11-percent improvement in concentration and sustained attention in young, healthy, active men and women in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

This recent clinical study supports previous literature by demonstrating that Neumentix, a high-polyphenol extract, has the ability to improve focus in young, healthy adults, said study co-author Jordan R. Moon, Ph.D., faculty member at Concordia University Chicago and the United States Sports Academy. The 11-percent improvement in sustained attention is an important cognitive benefit for a wide range of individuals, both at work and during recreational activities.

Sustained attention is the capacity to maintain focus on a specific item or task over an extended timeframe, like reading an email without getting distracted or maintaining attention while driving long distances. This ability is essential to daily life and is becoming more important for younger adults who may be juggling the demands of work and home life. In fact, almost twice as many Millennials sought to manage or improve concentration, memory and cognitive function in 2017 compared to 20071.

Approximately 150 healthy men and women with an average age of 27 were randomly assigned to take either 900 mg of Neumentix or a placebo daily throughout the 90-day study. Those who took Neumentix showed an 11-percent improvement in sustained attention after 30 days of continued use compared to the placebo group, with the benefits lasting for the duration of the 90-day trial. The study authors assessed subjects' cognitive abilities using CNS Vital Signs, a computer-based cognitive test. The research builds on previous clinical findings showing the ability of Neumentix to improve cognitive performance in healthy older adults.

Neumentix is a natural dietary ingredient derived from Kemin's patented spearmint, a plant rich in polyphenols. The spearmint used to make Neumentix is selectively bred to contain more than 50 polyphenols, including compounds like rosmarinic acid, which supports brain performance. Unlike quick fixes such as caffeine, Neumentix is a stimulant-free option that can enhance focus over time.

From business professionals to athletes to gamers, consumers looking for safe, natural and sustained cognitive support are likely to benefit from a distinct ingredient like Neumentix.

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