Peak Nootropics Introduces new Mood & Memory Nootropic Supplement

Peak Nootropics Introduces new Mood & Memory Nootropic Supplement
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AUSTIN, TX – 09-14-2018 ( —

Nootropics are brain enhancing supplements that increase mental capacity and Peak Nootropics is the single biggest provider of some of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market.

In every aspect of life, modern society is throwing up more challenges than ever, and people are finding them harder to cope with despite the fact that we supposedly have never had it so good. Daily stress, poor diet, and sometimes just getting older can make it more difficult to maintain focus and concentration.As almost every challenge or problem we face in the modern world requires keen focus and concentration, people find themselves mentally fatigued or unable to learn fast enough to adapt. Peak Nootropics offer an exciting solution that has caught on like wildfire, with brain enhancing supplements that give students, business people, and anyone else that could use it, an edge.

The company’s newest product in the herbal nootropic category is their Mood & Memory capsule, which strategically combines 5 powerful herbs to help recharge energy and wellbeing.These do so through influence of the DA and other neurotransmitters in the brain which promote learning, memory formation, focus and sensory perception. At the same time other herbs work to promote a calm and serene mood to enhance the overall impact of the Mood & Memory product.To get the message out to the world, Peak Nootropics has introduced a new television ad campaign with the As Seen On TV team, a promotion of which can be seen here.This follows on their wildly successful launch of the Brain AntiOxidant Stack, a capsule of powerful herbal nootropics designed to cleanse the brain from harmful oxidation and to allow for better memory formation. Both products help when you are just dragging and can make you feel like your old self again.

These are but two of a wide range of herbal Nootropic supplements that offer boosts to memory performance, mood improvement, decreased anxiety and relief from wakefulness. These products have quickly caught on among students and business people and have even found widespread success in the global market.

A Peak Nootropics spokesperson explained, “While vitamin supplements help to keep the body functioning, the chemicals used by the brain are different, so it’s no surprise that under such heavy use our brains sometimes fall short of what they need. These herbal Nootropic supplements supplement chemicals used in the brain’s natural processes to boost performance and create the desired effect for the user. Our newly extended range of products even come with third party certificates of analysis to demonstrate that their effects have been independently verified, giving consumers ultimate confidence when purchasing.”

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Peak Nootropics has been the leader in the nootropics and brain enhancing supplement industry. They were established in 2011 and since have become the top sellers of nootropic supplements. The supplements work by stimulating neurotransmitter pathways to quickly strengthen new synaptic connections and promote new learning and robust memory. For more information please visit:

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