Phosphatidylcholine Spotlighted for June’s Brain Health Awareness

Phosphatidylcholine Spotlighted for June's Brain Health Awareness
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LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BodyBio, the leader in cellular health research for the last 40 years, is highlighting significant findings around Phosphatidylcholine (PC)'s effect on brain health in time for Brain Health Awareness Month in June.

The scientific research conducted by BodyBio over the last 45 years demonstrates that when our cells are healthy, we are healthy. The underlying function of PC exists in the fact that 60% of our brain is fat. The membranes of every cell in the body contain large amounts of PC. The brain must have generous amounts of PC for good health, as it is the major phospholipid in the body and brain but the brain takes in less PC as we age.

PC is not a vitamin, it is a supplement comprised of pure phospholipids; the exact same phospholipids that serve as the membrane to protect cells. When the membrane is damaged, the cells are vulnerable. Studies show the decrease in PC in the brain may play a role in the development of age related memory loss.

Countless studies have been conducted on the benefits of PC supplementation and there is evidence that PC is important for brain health across the lifespan. PC has shown to significantly improve memory and cognitive skills in several studies and low levels of PC have been observed in individuals with congnitive impairment. Levels of acetylbholine, a neurotransmitter of significant interest in settings of cognitive function, are supported by sources of PC.

"PC is structural as well as functional. Structural body parts are constantly being worn down and rebuilt," notes Dr. Thomas Wnorowski, PhD, CNCC. "As we age, endogenous PC manufacture is minimal and becomes more so as the years pass. When looking to supplement for quality longevity, i.e. brain longevity, I recommend my patients take PC to address health at the cellular level."

The 92-year-old Founder of BodyBio, Ed Kane, discovered how to isolate Phosphatidylcholine but also found that he could also isolate and concentrate Phosphatidylethanolamine and Phosphatidylinositol which are also vital to good health. It is this phospholipid complex that supports the membranes of cells and organelles like the mitochondria. PC is a phospholipid, one of four that link together to form the membrane. The largest is Choline (PC), 2nd, Ethanolamine (PE), 3rd, Serine (PS), and 4th, Inositol (PI), with each having the same prefix "phosphatidyl." However, Phosphatidylcholine at ~50% is the largest concentration in the membrane and reigns supreme of all cell components.

There are a variety of misleading products claiming to be Phosphatidylcholine but are simply just made of a triple lecithin product (same lecithin as used in food and cosmetics) and are not liposomal (i.e. absorbable in our bodies). BodyBio uses a proprietary method to extract only pure phospholipids which is absorbed by the body and starts cellular repair.

BodyBio PC contains concentrated levels of:

  • Phosphatidylcholine (PC) - essential for memory
  • Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) - vital to mitochondrial function
  • Phosphatidylinositol (PI) - supportive to brain and neurotransmission

BodyBio founder/CEO 92-year-old Edward Kane is anecdotal proof of concept. Kane exercises daily and is in the office five days a week. He instructs physicians in a biomedical course on lipid metabolism - and has been taking his own supplements for 30+ years.

"Our PC product is really at the core of who we are and why we embarked on this mission four decades ago," noted Kane. "In our consumer vernacular 'anti-aging' is so often applied to beauty. We should really be focused on our brains and the root of aging at the cellular level. When you start there, everything else falls into place: mood, energy, vitality, sharpness, and quality-of-life longevity."

About BodyBio
BodyBio was conceived when the founder, Ed Kane, developed targeted blood chemistry analysis and epigenetic testing to investigate the most complex disorders in the world. His mission began with developing a medical software program that would produce a list of required nutrients based on an individual's blood chemistry results matched to the medical literature. The findings from that research developed into BodyBio as we know it today.

BodyBio products stand out from the majority of vitamins and supplements on the market because they were created for those with complex disorders. BodyBio products are developed to offer the purest, non oxidized, high-quality supplements founded on the market. BodyBio focuses on "cell membrane medicine" – an investigation into real-world science, not fictional promises. BodyBio stands steadfast behind the belief in the ability of their products to improve lives one cell at a time.


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