Prinova demonstrates global premix capabilities with innovative new formulations

Prinova demonstrates global premix capabilities with innovative new formulations
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To highlight their latest product innovations Prinova showcased a range of scientifically proven ingredients and custom formulations at this year’s Fi-Asia in Bangkok.

The innovative concepts were available in a range of formats, touching on key trends within the Sports and Lifestyle Nutrition sector.

Prinova demonstrates global premix capabilities with innovative new formulations

Highlights included:

Nootropic Beverage
This innovative new premix contains a blend of botanical extracts, amino acids and vitamins to deliver a non-stimulant nootropic beverage. Nootropics, which are also known as cognitive enhancers, are supplements that help improve brain function such as focus, memory and cognition. Prinova’s premix contains ingredients that will work in synergy to improve cognition, whilst reducing stress and fatigue leading to improvements in mood, focus and productivity.

Sugar Free Multivitamin Gummies for Kids
Powered with a Prinova Vitamin Premix, these gummies can help with enhanced immunity system levels and eye health as well as support bone growth and healthy teeth. In a convenient form, Multivitamin Gummies are an easy way to ensure children are receiving the necessary level of vitamins required per day. Prinova’s premixes can be custom formulated according to

Immunity Tablet
This high antioxidant formulation is rich in Vitamins C, D, E and other minerals that help to boost the immunity system. The premix contains Beta Glucans, a sugar found in the cell walls of certain bacteria, fungi and algae, which has proven benefits in combatting high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Keto Kit: MCT & Collagen Drink
Collagen is essential for mobility by providing the infrastructure for the musculoskeletal system. Prinova offers a Hydrolysed Collagen option, which is a powdered protein, creamy-white in colour and neutral in taste and smell. No known allergens, free from dairy, soy, grain and gluten, 100% natural origin, non-GMO, low in fat. It is ideal for protein shots and powder drinks, ready-to-drink beverages, bars, confectionery and desserts.

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