Reading for Better Brain Health

Reading for Better Brain Health

Looking for ways to boost brain health? It could be as simple as sitting down with a book. Reading happens to be like a superfood for your brain – just like the supplement Prevagen. And while pulling out your favorite e-reader is excellent – and yes, it still has benefits – reading a printed book offers some unique benefits. Need an excuse to curl up with a good book? Here are just a few of the great ways reading can boost your brain health. Reading Changes the Form and Function of Your Brain

First, reading physically changes the form and function of your brain. Readers can process visual and verbal information faster, a trait that may boost your creativity, imagination, and even decision-making skills. Other studies have found that regular reading helps improve communication between various areas of your brain.

Among readers, researchers have found that the visual processing area of the brain – the occipital lobe – was actually more developed. This means it’s possible to process visual information more efficiently, which can translate into improved creative and imagination skills, as well as the ability to visualize for better planning and decision making. Deep Reading Builds New Pathways in the Brain

Reading a book offers benefits over reading through magazines or newspapers. Chapter books encourage you to do deep reading, and deep reading requires critical thinking and making connections between chapters. This results in new pathways being created between both hemispheres and all lobes of the brain.

Brainy pursuits, such as reading, also make the brain more efficient by actually changing the brain’s structure so it continues to function properly, despite the presence of age-related issues. Reading can even improve communication between different areas of the brain. Add to that a daily dose of Prevagen, which helps support brain function, and you have a winning combination for your brain. Fends Off Normal Age-Related Cognitive Decline

The mental stimulation of reading may fend off age-related cognitive decline that is a part of normal aging as well. The more active you keep your brain as you age, the less likely you notice mental decline. Challenging the brain helps keep it strong and healthy, even as you grow older. Some researchers suggest that reading daily can slow the late-life cognitive decline, and other research has shown that reading helps slow the rate of typical memory problems as well. Reading Boosts Memory

Your brain is doing far more than merely reading words on a page when you read. Reading demands more of your brain than just processing speech or images. It’s like a neural workout for better brain health. Different parts of the brain, such as the areas responsible for associative learning, vision, and learning, have to work together. This boosts your memory and improves overall brain function.

One study showed that reading and other types of mental stimulation can help protect thinking skills and memory, particularly as you grow older. The act of reading also seems to heighten overall brain function as well as increase memory, and it’s been linked to an improvement in overall mental flexibility, which is essential to both developing and retaining memory. And as you adding more reading to your live, you may want to add a Prevagen supplement, too, which is also clinically proven to help with mild, age-related memory loss. Grab a Book as a Stress Buster

An added benefit – reading helps relieve stress. Have you ever noticed how everything seems to melt away when you get lost in a book? One study found that reading lowered stress levels by up to 68%. And it doesn’t matter what type of book you decide to read. When you lose yourself by being completely engrossed in a book, you get a chance to escape from those everyday stresses and worries. In fact, it’s much like entering an altered state of consciousness, which is why it works so well at relieving stress.

Reading was found to be more useful than playing video games, walking, listening to music, or drinking a cup of tea for reducing stress. Combine a few minutes of reading each day with your Prevagen supplement and you’ll really see big brain benefits. Read the Brain Health Guide

We’ve looked at a lot of the benefits of reading for your brain, and you can double up on your brain benefits by reading the Brain Health Guide. It’s a guide that talks about the current state of brain health in the United States, and then it goes on to offer you a lot of practical tips for improved memory and brain health.

You’ll learn some of the best nutrition tips to keep your brain healthy and fit, as well as some lifestyle tips that will boost memory, too. Discover more about the importance of sleeping well for your brain, how stress can damage brain health, the power of creating social connections with friends, and a few great memory tricks that have been proven to help you out. Improved Sleep

Speaking of sleep – which is critical for a healthy brain – creating a ritual of sleeping before you go to bed can actually help you sleep better. Once again, a real book wins here because you’ll want to avoid screen time right before sleeping. But cracking a book and reading a few pages can signal the body that it’s time to begin winding down and get ready for a night of sleep. In Conclusion:

Research suggests that you’ll get the best brain benefits if you pick up a real book. Feeling pages with your fingertips and flipping actual pages give the brain some context, improving comprehension when you’re diving into a book. So while it’s fine to read on your e-reader, make sure you spend some time with a physical book, turning the pages, feeling the book in your hands – it does your brain a world of good.

And along with adding more reading to your life this year, consider adding the Prevagen dietary supplement to your daily routine, too. It’s […]


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