Responding to the Stress of Practicing Law, 35-Year Attorney Creates Comprehensive Meditation App Targeted to the Legal Profession

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CINCINNATI, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A new meditation app targeted toward attorneys and other professionals in high-stress careers is now available in the Apple App and Google Play Stores. Legally Mindful® aims to help professionals focus on a regular meditation practice to improve overall health and well-being and to help professionals become more creative and successful in their work.

Gary Powell, founder of Legally Mindful, is currently general counsel for a global, natural-based chemical company in Cincinnati and has been in private litigation practice for 35 years. After starting a regular meditation practice, he noticed an appreciable difference in his overall well-being and outlook and decided to share his method with others in the legal profession and other high-stress work environments.

"Legally Mindful is a passion of mine," said Powell. "After practicing meditation for about 15 years and trying different methods, I felt like it was time to share what has worked for me and help others in the legal profession. With sound-assisted meditation, I discovered that I can use the tools I've learned and developed over the years to make my work more efficient and productive, and I can carry a more focused and creative mental state into my daily life, which allows me to listen better, think creatively, and respond more effectively. And I am confident that Legally Mindful can do the same for others."

Drawing on his own meditation experiences and after reading countless professional research articles on meditation, Powell wrote his own guided meditation exercises to address specific areas of need in the legal profession.

In the primary level, there are two exercises devoted specifically to relaxation and stress release, an exercise emphasizing gratitude and compassion which research shows can improve someone's overall happiness and perspective on life, and a non-guided exercise that is intended to be used while you work that helps improve your focus and concentration. The secondary level exercises build on the tools introduced in the primary level and take your time in meditation in a direction not traditionally associated with a meditation practice. You can actually work while in a deep meditative state. For example, the Creative Space exercise allows you to take a work-related issue with you into a deep, creative state to explore new solutions. Similarly, in the Meeting Room exercise, you can positively visualize an upcoming meeting, presentation, or another event helping you to bring a desired outcome to fruition. The final exercise focuses on improving your overall health and well-being.

"While the app is targeted to those in the legal profession, regular practice of the exercises can benefit anyone," Powell said.

The difference between Legally Mindful and other meditation apps on the market is that it uses a sophisticated sound technology, which utilizes a proprietary mix of brain wave frequencies, including higher gamma wave frequencies, to allow for a more focused meditative state, better brain coherence and higher mental functioning.

"Much like muscle memory, these relaxed but focused mental states will be accessible even when you are not using the exercises because the brain's neural connections are improved and increased through consistent use of meditation," Powell said.

"My ultimate goal is to teach your mind to get back to that relaxed, but focused and creative state through the wonders of neuroplasticity — lasting changes to your brain — without being tied to an exercise."

Legally Mindful is a free download in the Apple App and Google Play Stores, with two sample exercises and an optional subscription to access all of the primary and secondary level exercises. To learn more, visit

Legally Mindful is a mindful meditation app available in the Apple App and Google Play Stores and aims to help professionals remove barriers and focus on maintaining a regular meditation practice.

Legally Mindful and Changing Your Mind About Meditation are registered trademarks of 4-20-08 Productions LLC, dba Legally Mindful, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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