Should More Israelis Turn to Nootropics?

Should More Israelis Turn to Nootropics?
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Nootropics are booming. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 17.9% by 2024. Students, adults and seniors are turning to brain-boosting supplements as a way to increase everything, from cognition to their ability to solve problems.

An aging population has also aided the nootropic industry, as many seniors want to help support their brain and memory.

The industry, expected to rise to $6 billion by 2024, has a lot of potential to add to Israel’s GDP. Startups are filled with the world’s brightest minds with many of these up-and-coming talents able to benefit from “smart drugs.”

An issue that many experts see is that the industry, still in its infancy, doesn’t have laws to protect the consumer. Many of the products are not tested, and without the requirement for testing, this means that the products can be filled with anything. There’s also the concern that the products can contain harmful ingredients.

Yet there are ingredients found in nootropics that have the potential to enhance the brain’s function.

Cerebral blood flow, nutrients and support for the brain’s natural anti-aging properties can help, theoretically, slow aging and even reverse it in some cases.

But while science may not have been able to prove these benefits just yet, that doesn’t mean there aren’t hordes of people that back the claims nootropics make. Many doctors claim that the average diet, especially a Western diet, is not providing the brain with the nutrients that it needs to slow the aging process.

The brain is often starved of vital nutrients and ingredients, primarily from a lack of eggs, meat and greens in a person’s diet.

Nutrient-filled and the ability to increase nutrient transport to the brain, nootropics have real potential. Synapse’s co-founders recently discussed their desire to bring nootropics to tired travelers and students that can benefit from the energy and brain boost.

And Israel is a great choice for expansion thanks to the start-up culture.

Local nootropic companies or businesses that need to have staff members at peak performance can turn to nootropics that have the ability to offer the following benefits in the short-term:

  • Memory enhancement
  • Mood boost
  • Energy increase
  • Attention span increase
  • Better sleep
  • Less stress
  • More motivation
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Easier learning

Long-term benefits of nootropics are also impressive, especially for seniors. Offering protection for the brain, seniors may suffer from many brain-related regeneration and diseases as they age. Anti-aging properties will further slow the brain’s aging process. Neuroprotection slows the damage to the brain as we age, allowing for a better memory and higher cognition.

Brain regeneration is also possible with long-term use, allowing the brain to remain young and healthy.

Israel’s population is expected to reach 20 million by 2065, and with seniors making up 11.3% of the population in 2017, it’s time to worry about brain health for our aging citizens. Nootropics have the ability to slow and possibly enhance brain function, and with a healthcare system that is likely to become more stressed in the next decade, it’s time for Israelis to turn to nootropics and other supplements known to boost health.

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