Surprising Health Benefits of Nitro Coffee (Factors to Consider)

Surprising Health Benefits of Nitro Coffee (Factors to Consider)
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If you are a hardcore coffee lover then you are probably familiar with nitro coffee. Nitro coffee is a trendy new drink that is infused with nitrogen, a type of colorless, odorless gas that makes up 78% of the air we breathe.

The concept of infusing beverages with gas is not new at all; the technique is still being used today. Regular soda drinks, beer, and other carbonated drinks, for instance, are infused with carbon dioxide, another type of odorless and colorless gas.

So what makes nitro coffee different from your regular brew?

Infusing cold coffee with nitrogen changes the drink’s texture and flavor. The brew takes on a silkier, frothier consistency and a softer, but more robust flavor that wakes up the senses.

The way nitro coffee is served creates the drink distinct foamy head and creamy top. The brew is often served on tap, like regular beer, and never over ice. The tap dispenses the drink via a pressurized valve, which creates the brew’s silky, creamy texture.

You might add sugar or cream to drip coffee but nitro coffee’s natural sweetness means there is no need to add sweeteners or cream to the drink at all.

Nitro coffee is the better drink if you are fighting to stay awake. Artisanal coffee drinks, even traditional black coffee, are often over diluted with water or milk so that the coffee loses its caffeine potency.

Nitro coffees are usually brewed stronger so that the caffeine is more concentrated. Since they are served cold, they will also be more refreshing and thirst quenching.

This will give you a healthy caffeine boost and will perk you up much faster than sipping on a cup of regular coffee.

Now that you know the fast facts about nitro coffee, let’s take a look at the surprising health benefits of this tasty brew:

Nitro Coffee Sitting On A Table
Six Health Benefits Of Nitro Coffee

Did you know that coffee beans are naturally high in antioxidants? Antioxidants refer to a special class of nutrients that protect healthy cells from free radical damage known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is widely regarded as the precursor to serious diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Unfortunately, antioxidants are extremely oxygen and temperature sensitive. When exposed at high temperature and oxidation, antioxidants lose either their efficacy. This is the reason why coffee’s antioxidant content becomes weaker the longer the brew is exposed to air and high temps.

Nitro coffee brewed with lighter roast coffee in an air free environment contains more antioxidants than almost any other beverage. The process of making great nitro coffee involves steeping the coffee grounds in water and saturating the brew with nitrogen.

When this is done in a food safe and air free manner, the coffee grounds are minimally exposed to oxygen and heat (as hot coffee is on a warmer plate).

Thus, the coffee’s antioxidant content is retained better, making the drink healthier. According to current medical opinion, adding antioxidant-rich foods to your diet can help improve your overall health and decreasing your risk of certain cancers.

Person Laying On Scale With A Cup Of Coffee
Nitro Coffee Is Low In Calories

Are you watching your weight? If you have sworn off sugary drinks like iced blended coffee drinks because of their caloric content, you will find that nitro coffee makes the perfect alternative to your favorite coffee drinks.

A cup of nitro coffee contains less than 2 calories, which makes the brew low in calories. On the other hand, a Grande iced coffee served at Starbucks contains 110+ calories due to its sugar and creamer content.

Since nitro coffee is infused with nitrogen gas as a natural preservative, the brew retains its robust flavor without the extra additives. The drink is also naturally sweet, thanks to the natural sugars and flavonoids that occur during the roasting process.

The viscous consistency of nitro coffee hits different taste receptors at the same time, giving the perception of sweetness without the help of additional sweeteners.

Nitro coffee is also creamy in texture due to the nitrogen infusion. It’s silky, luxurious body means you do not have to add more cream to the drink to levitate the flavor. Cream goes well with coffee and enhances it with a silky consistency.

Let’s face it though, dairy products are high in calories and can have some other health consequences.

The problem with drinking artisanal coffee drinks made with dairy is that some people are quite sensitive to the dairy. People who are lactose intolerant have no choice but to order black coffee because of their food sensitivity.

The same thing can be said for people who stick to a specific diet, like a vegan diet. Dairy products are animal-derived products so vegans cannot simply order a macchiato; the drink’s ingredients have to be altered with non-dairy options to suit vegans.

Nitro coffee is not only dairy-free; it is also vegan-friendly. This naturally creamy drink does not require the addition of cream. It will appeal to people who are sensitive to lactose-laden ingredients but love a the mouth feel and flavor of a creamy beverage.

The same thing can be said for vegans or people who stick to a special diet. This drink does not contain animal-derived additives so it can be enjoyed as is, no alteration needed.

Are you prone to acid reflux or hyperacidity? If you suffer from any of these conditions then you are probably sensitive to coffee, especially those with artificial or dairy creamers which can interfere with healthy digestion and may aggravate your condition.

Research shows that digestive disorders can be minimized by sticking to a diet of more natural and unprocessed foods.

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Nitro Coffee Is Good For You

If coffee is still part of your diet, nitro coffee may be a better alternative to fancy coffee drinks since you may be able to enjoy it un-altered without creamer. Since nitro coffee is all natural and tastes great in its basic form, it may be friendlier to sensitive tummies.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about coffee and health. Currently, coffee is thought to be healthy by most medical thought leaders. If your doctor allows you to drink coffee, you might like to give nitro coffee a try.

It is surprisingly mild yet potent and it is sometimes more compatible for people who suffer from digestive issues. It has a bold and smooth, yet unique taste. that you will love.

Feeling sluggish and groggy in the morning? Need a quick boost of energy to get you through the day? Nitro coffee contains as much or more caffeine than regular coffee, depending on how strong it was brewed.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the effects that you are after. If you are drinking coffee to alleviate mental fogginess and get a boost of energy, then you simply cannot go wrong with a glass of nitro coffee.

Image Of A Brain With A Nitro Coffee Cup
Nitro Coffee Is A Brain Booster

Research shows that nitro coffee contains similar amounts of caffeine as filter drip coffee when all things are equal. In other words the caffeine content is directly proportional to the quantity of grounds used to make the brew.

The caffeine content of the drink will vary from maker to maker. In any event, the caffeine content of Nitro coffee helps improve the blood circulation in the brain. That is the secret to the drink’s brain-boosting effect.

When the brain is getting more oxygenated blood, it works better, faster – perfect if you are preparing for an exam, a sports competition or a meeting with your boss!

Generally, the caffeine in nitro coffee provides a significant boost of energy to the body faster because the drink is cool and refreshing and it can be consumed quicker.

In practical terms, it enhances mental and physical performance just as well as other types of coffee and maybe better. One research study found that lab animals fed with coffee supplements could accomplish memory tasks better.

Since nitro coffee does not require added sweeteners, it can be a great drink for diabetics too. Coffee has a reputation for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and Nitro coffee shares the same benefits.

Woman Measuring Herself
Nitro Coffee Helps With Weight Loss

Who knew drinking nitro coffee could contribute to faster weight loss? There is a reason why nitro coffee is being sold in gyms and fitness centers all over the country: it increases the after-burn effects of working out, which is the energy used post workout. This makes nitro drink an excellent pre or post workout drink.

You see, the body continues to burn calories after working out. As the body winds down, it also uses energy to normalize the body processes after a workout.

Since nitro coffee contains caffeine, the body is able to burn more calories, which maximizes the after-work out burn effect even more. Nitro coffee also enhances weight loss by giving the metabolic rate a much-needed boost. When the body is able to process food more efficiently, the cells store less fat.

This drink also increases stamina, which is helpful if you are sticking to a strict workout regimen.

Health Cup Of Nitro Coffee With A Heart Of Chocolate On Top
What To Consider Before Drinking Nitro Coffee

Other Factors to Consider

Although nitro coffee may be a healthier drink compared to regular coffee, it’s still a caffeinated drink so it’s not for everyone. Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause irregular heartbeat and hypertension so caffeinated drinks are not recommended for people who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, caffeine is highly addictive. Some people may be affected by caffeine differently than others, perhaps due to genetics. But as long as you are healthy and you want your daily dose of caffeine, drinking nitro coffee makes a better drink than regular coffee for many people.

Nitrogen coffee boasts of a creamy, silky consistency and natural sweetness, characteristics that make the drink unique compared to a regular cup of coffee.

Even better than the bold flavor and luxurious texture, nitro coffee is high in antioxidants and naturally dosed with caffeine. This makes it an ideal drink for people who are health minded and still want a natural lift.

The benefits of drinking nitro coffee are well documented so if you feel like swapping your regular cup of coffee for nitro coffee, you will find that this drink has even more to offer!

About the Author: John Goerke is a conscious capitalist and founder of Bona Fide Brewing Company. With 30 years of executive coffee experience, he is uniquely calibrated to lead transformation the beverage industry. When not inventing new methods for extracting pleasurable essences from coffee, tea and yerba mate, John pursues his passion for aviation and promoting the values of conscious living.

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