Take Nap at Work & Don’t Be Sorry

Take Nap at Work & Don't Be Sorry
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It is said naps are good for health and productivity then why are corporates so against it?

Take Nap at Work & Don't Be Sorry

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Scroll through social media, take a smoke break, watch Netflix, that’s cool. Take a coffee break, chit-chat in the pantry, that’s already as well. But the moment you take a nap at your work – you have called for trouble.

It is said that naps are good for health and productivity then why are corporates so against it? A simple 15-20 minutes nap lets you regain the energy to work efficiently in the second half. Research and studies show that napping isn’t just healthy but can improve concentration, sharpen your logical skills, improve your attitude and make a huge difference when it comes to output. So why are there so many misconceptions about the nap? So why aren’t we allowed taking naps at work?

They don’t have to belong, a short-sweet one can let you easily focus on your work. In most jobs, one doesn’t only get looked down but one can even get fired if found sleeping during work. But imagine if it was such a crime then why the Japanese would consider sleeping in public a subtle sign of diligence.

“Inemuri” is the term Japanese use which means “sleeping on duty.” The practice of inemuri is an almost 1000-year-old tradition and it isn't restricted to just corporate hubs, but even sidewalks, street benches, cafes, stores and more.

And we don’t need to tell you about where Japan stands today when it comes to advancement and development. Power naps are usual practice there and in fact, one isn’t made feel ashamed or harassed for doing so.

For many, the ideal scenario should be sleeping and waking up early. But this isn’t an ideal world and we don’t work in the ideal work system. So the deal-breaker in this time is taking a nap, instead of dragging ourselves after work. And trust us it will make a hell lot of a difference.

While we tell you reasons on why science says naps during work are the best deal, it’s time you send this article to your boss and superiors.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety Levels

One of the best things an afternoon nap can do is help you relax your brain and body. Even if it is just a minor nap it can reduce stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety both go hand in hand and harms our mind and body.

Boosts logical skills and improve accuracy

It is a proven fact that after the human brain can only focus for 45 minutes and longer to 90 minutes. As we proceed with our day our brain starts to deviate and wander around. This directly affects our working efficiency. A quick nap is a fix that makes it improve its logical skills, improve accuracy and you will make fewer mistakes than with a brain that is already in its wandering mode.

Helps in improving memory and learning

Hectic work often makes us a caffeine addict. How many of you reach out for coffee when your eyes are shutting? While caffeine certainly does its trick, there are studies that state a 45-minute nap can drastically improve your memory and learning skills. The simple logic behind it is caffeine doesn’t calm your mind, however, a nap does which leads to improvement.

Plus the best thing about napping is that it is natural and organic, by all means. You don’t need to sweat yourself out, work with weights around, run on a treadmill or perform some yoga postures. Nor you are exhausting yourself nor your body getting swollen. Napping is a drug-free and risk-free exercise that is the cure for a lot of things. While we can’t convince your boss, you can. However, HAPPY NAPPING!

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