The Best Nootropic Coffees to Try Now

The Best Nootropic Coffees to Try Now
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For most people, they start their day with a cup of coffee. There’s just something about the slightly bitter yet rich flavor of a good cup of coffee that wakes you up and can help you face the day. But some people want their coffee to go the extra mile and prefer nootropic coffee. Nootropics are substances that can range from supplements to administered drugs that help with improving cognition and focus and they can be added to a variety of foods to improve their benefits. So if you want a fortified cup ‘o Joe that goes above and beyond a caffeine kick, these eight nootropic coffees should be on your shopping list.

If you prefer a lower acidity coffee, Kimera Koffee is an excellent choice. Their coffee offers a nuttier flavor with a medium roast. Most importantly, Kimera features a proprietary nootropic blend that includes Alpha GPC, DMAE, Taurine and L-Theanine. The brand promises that consistently drinking their coffee will help to improve short and long-term brain functions. As if that’s not enough, Kimera’s nootropic blend is said to improve mood, increase memory, cognition and serve as a stress reliever.

Not everyone has a sophisticated coffee set up. Sometimes you just have a simple coffee machine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nootropic coffee. Four Sigmatic appears on this list multiple times because they’re truly focused on creating a premium nootropic coffee that’s flexible for your lifestyle. Their Mushroom Ground Coffee can work with pour over, French press, and drip coffee makers. Their coffee’s nootropic edge is credited to the Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms. The Lion’s Mane supports improved focus and cognition while Chaga provides essential antioxidants to improve immunity.

Mastermind Coffee is another brand that appears more than once on this list. Their first entry is a ground coffee specifically designed for drip coffee makers. The Cacao Bliss coffee uses 100% Arabica beans and cacao and promises that it doesn’t contain any fillers, artificial colors or additives. The nootropic properties are thanks to the added cacao which helps to improve focus, mental acuity and provides sustained all-day energy.

Some of us are very particular about the coffee we drink. We don’t drink it to be hip, and we won’t frequent an establishment just because it’s trendy. For these people, they have a favorite brand of coffee and want to be able to drink it whenever or wherever they want to. Four Sigmatic returns with their popular mushroom coffee in an instant version. The 10-pack variety features half the normal amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee (50mg versus the standard 100mg. While all of Four Sigmatic’s coffee products are vegan and paleo friendly, these features are heavily promoted with the instant coffee packets.

Did you know that the main reason many people have trouble tolerating regular coffee is because of the acidity level? The acids can cause upset stomach or acid reflux. But espresso naturally contains less acid—making it an ideal alternative to traditional coffee. Mastermind Coffee’s Espresso is a nootropic dark roast that still offers all of the benefits of their other coffee styles but is gentler on your stomach.

Four Sigmatic isn’t the only coffee maker that incorporates mushrooms in their blend. NeuRoast’s Classic Smarter Coffee also contains Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms but takes it a step further by adding Cordyceps, Reishi, Shitake and Turkey Tail extracts. Besides the mushrooms (which you can’t taste), NeuRoast is an Italian dark roast coffee that has hints of chocolate and cinnamon in the flavor profile. This particular coffee also has a lower caffeine level at roughly 70 mg per cup brewed.

Elevacity is a bit unique in that this is the only coffee tub packaging on this list. All the other brands listed are either in bags or single-serve instant packets. The nootropics in this coffee are based on a proprietary blend of amino acids. In addition to the nootropics, the Elevate Smart Coffee is also meant to reduce fatigue and appetite. Based on the brand’s claims, this coffee could also serve as part of a weight loss strategy as it promises to increase metabolism and burn fat. Each tub can make approximately 30 cups of coffee.

Not everyone likes full strength coffee. Whether it’s how your body processes caffeine or a need to avoid it due to pregnancy or other conditions, you shouldn’t have to forego the benefits of nootropic coffee. Mastermind Coffee offers a variety of nootropic coffee options, and this one is geared towards decaf coffee drinkers. Decaffeinated coffee is often viewed negatively because of the harsh processes typically used to remove the caffeine. But Mastermind Coffee relies on a water process to gently remove that caffeine without sacrificing flavor or nootropic potency.

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