The Best Supplements To Reduce Stress, Boost Immunity, And Improve Overall Health

The Best Supplements To Reduce Stress, Boost Immunity, And Improve Overall Health

The global wellness market shows no signs of slowing, but the sales of vitamins and supplements, in particular, have skyrocketed during the pandemic. Because while eating a balanced diet is all well and good, it’s more than easy to be missing something that could help us feel and perform even better.

“A typical diet doesn’t contain the necessary nutrient spectrum, density, and functionality needed to achieve and sustain optimal health,” explains Dr. Linda Ellison, founder of kaü , a trailblazing immunity supplement that harnesses the power of amino acids. “That’s why we need supplemental nutrients to help our bodies function at their best.” Dr. Linda Ellison, founder of kaü winky lewis So when purchasing vitamins and supplements, what should you consider? First, cost. “Many people buy the McDonalds versions, yet expect them to have the quality of a farm-to-table, organic restaurant,” says Ellison. “But given the costs involved, it’s not possible to deliver good ingredients, science, and research at a low price point.”

Second, think about augmentation – in other words, how much of the key ingredient a supplement has. Ellison notes, “From extensive third-party lab testing, we know that vitamins and supplements with specialized flavors, colors, and smell are comprised of at least 75% additives.”

Then, factor in the quantity and percentage of ingredients. You typically take a vitamin or supplement with a specific goal in mind, but according to Ellison, “If it has a long list of ingredients, then it can’t contain enough of any one at a functional level to really benefit you.”

And though it’s not the most elegant topic, consider what Ellison refers to as “The Bathroom Test.” Observe your urine after trying out a new supplement, and check if it’s dark in color or has a harsh smell. “If so, your body has flushed out the majority of your vitamin or supplement, instead of making it functional in your system,” explains Ellison.

While vitamins and supplements are no replacements for a well-rounded diet, they can alleviate a range of issues, from anxiety to sleeplessness – which only seem to be heightened during these highly emotive times. So ahead, 15 easy ways to help you feel your absolute best – from the inside out. winky lewis Amino acids serve as your body’s essential building blocks, and are “key to human biological functioning,” says Ellison. While they’re unique and serve specific roles, they’re more powerful when working together as a collective unit. To that end: “Immunity Build triggers the rapid production of immune system cells and codes those cells to be shaped and operate with the robust vitality of youthful cells, explains Ellison. Equilibria This visionary CBD company stands out from the rest for being owned by women, organic, and creating products expressly for womens’ unique needs. Equilibia even goes as far as to offer dosage specialists, whom help take the guesswork out of CBD and customize a routine just for you. And when you need immediate, soothing relief from everyday stress, take 1/4 dropper of this fast-acting, full-spectrum oil. Plant People Given the volatile times we’re in, sleep may not come as easily as it used to. So the next time you’re feeling antsy before at night, turn to this. With organic, full-spectrum hemp extract, this potent formula encourages the body and mind to wind down for a deep night’s slumber. Even better? There’s no chance of feeling drowsy when you wake up – just refreshed and ready to take on the day. Mab & Stoke Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a supplement created expressly for you? That’s the thinking behind the innovative Mab Tab. After completing an online questionnaire, you’ll be shipped a tin filled with 28 tabs. Take one every morning – it dissolves in cold and hot beverages – to reap the benefits of immunity-boosting herbs (like burdock, lemon balm, and red clover). The Nue Co. No matter the amounts of serums and creams you slather on, sometimes you need to go beyond basic skincare. That’s when this cutting-edge supplement comes to the rescue. Rigorously tested in France, and featuring a proven blend of vitamin C, zinc, and champagne grape seed, one capsule with breakfast is all it takes to gradually fade stubborn discoloration and and promote a luminous glow. Cymbiotika The brain is one of the hardest working organs in the body, but often neglected in the world of supplements. So give it some well-deserved care with this delicious – it tastes like vanilla chai – potion, fortified with nootropics like Phosphatidylcholine, Rodiola Rosea, and Gotu Kola Extract. For the uninitiated, nootropics are natural ingedients that enhance cognitive performance. CBD Path If you have a pet who’s also been struggling the past few months – my senior pup squarely falls into this category – take comfort in knowing CBD can support your fur child, too. In the same way the all-around workhorse alleviates anxiety, racing thoughts, and sleeplessness for us humans, CBD can also help animals slip into the chill zone and a more calm, relaxed state. Ritual When Katerina Schneider founded Ritual back in 2016, she was among the first to champion transparency – literally, in regards to the design, and the ingredients – for women’s multivitamins. And to meet the specific needs of post-menopausal women, Ritual thoughtfully unveiled this vitamin late last year. Each crystal-clear capsule contains eight extensively researched ingredients (including Boron and Vitamin K2) that address a range of concerns, from bone strength to muscle function. Solluna by Kimberly Snyder No matter how balanced your diet is, it’s only natural to have days when you feel bloated, backed up, and uncomfortable. So when that happens, take several of these capsules with water at night. While you sleep, Feel Good Detoxy 2.0 oxygenates the colon and supports healthy gut bacteria, so elimination the following morning comes with ease. Bio-Kult There’s no shortage of probiotic brands, but this British one stands out for containing 14 different bacterial strains, not requiring refrigeration, and being non-GMO. And the company’s newest launch spotlights not just […]


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