Tinnitus 911 Review (PhytAge Labs) Alarming User Complaints?

Tinnitus 911 Review (PhytAge Labs) Alarming User Complaints?

Have you recently been flooded with ringing, roaring, whirring, and clicking sounds in your head? Are you surprised to be hearing sounds that are otherwise expressed in comics? Known as tinnitus, this condition has become quite common in today’s day and age. Unfortunately, very little exists in terms of a permanent solution, as conventional medicine has found unique ways to temporarily ease the situation. That said, our research has directed us towards an all-natural approach to possibly reversing tinnitus, and it starts by familiarizing oneself with a supplement called . What is PhytAge Labs Tinnitus 911?

Created by PhytAge Laboratories, Tinnitus 911 is an ear-ringing relief formula intended to reverse tinnitus-related symptoms. Such symptoms typically consist of sounds that resemble ringing and roaring to clicking, hissing, and pulsing, among others. In some cases, such sounds are only heard through one ear, while in others, disturbances of this nature can be heard through both. Who can forget its severity, which can easily prevent one from completing simple tasks, conversing, or sleeping at night?

Taking everything into consideration, Tinnitus 911 combines all-natural ingredients that focus on calming the nervous system as means of reversing tinnitus. In the process, this formula supposedly can reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and ultimately allow the ears to ease up. To see how the nervous system and tinnitus are interconnected, some more evaluation is needed regarding how Tinnitus 911 is meant to work. How does Tinnitus 911 work?

for the condition, which is trusted to stem in the brain. Specifically, the sounds linked to tinnitus are nothing more than disruptions between the “line of communications,” or scientifically known as the synapses. To be more specific, when there is a disruption in communication between brain cells, they begin to disconnect, leading to unwanted sounds and, to a certain level, memory loss.

To combat this, Tinnitus 911 works in five stages. First, it is believed to repair brain networks so that the nervous system achieves relaxation. Next, said networks need to be strengthened. Following suit, all damaged brain cells will undergo a reparation process. Then, the brain gets essential nutrients that help with the rejuvenation processes. Finally, antioxidant-rich ingredients have been included to shield the brain from foreign invaders and inflammation. What ingredients are inside PhytAge Labs Tinnitus 911?

The ingredients that constitute the PhytAge Labs Tinnitus 911 formula are as follows (all concentrations are reported per serving): Vitamin C (60mg)

Vitamin C is a dominating antioxidant that is considered to eliminate toxins and foreign invaders while creating a protective front throughout the body. A systematic review that studied the effect of vitamin C on the brain reported that those with healthy cognitive function normally have higher levels of vitamin C than the impaired groups [ ] .

Another source that evaluated nine studies confirmed the former. In particular, the researchers noted that a vitamin C deficiency had been linked to depression and cognitive impairment. As for its mechanism, this ingredient is trusted to maintain homeostasis of reactive oxygen species (ROS), where the latter is known to cause inflammation. In so doing, vitamin C is thought of as “second messengers in mechanisms of synaptic plasticity,” or in simpler terms, it engages in the synapses’ ability to strengthen or weaken with time [ ] . Vitamin B6 (5mg)

Commonly referred to as pyridoxine, vitamin B6’s major role rests in using and storing energy from macronutrients. In regard to brain health, this vitamin in conjunction with vitamin B12 has been shown to decrease homocysteine levels in the brain. Consequently, improvements in brain function and a slower rate of cognitive impairment can be anticipated [ ] . Another source highlighted that bioactive forms of vitamin B6 contribute to cellular functions, namely by serving as “a cofactor in the functioning of over 140 separate ubiquitous enzymes.” Moreover, this vitamin and storage [ ] . Niacin (2.5mg)

Niacin is a scientific term coined to represent vitamin B3. Generally speaking, it has been positively linked to skin function, heart health, HDL cholesterol, and brain function. When focusing solely on its effect on brain function, we were able to gather that the vitamin is vital for neuronal health. To date, a deficiency has been linked to neurological deficits and dementia, as well as neuronal injury and psychiatric disorders, writes one source [ ] .

Another source explained that niacin is able to achieve brain-related improvements because it works as a coenzyme, meaning that it is heavily relied upon by over 400 enzymic reactions in the body. Adding to the above source, a deficiency can be easily identified, especially among people who have depression, frequent headaches, exhaustion, memory loss, and/or hallucinations [ ] . Folic Acid (100mcg)

Folic acid or vitamin B9 is trusted to lower the risk of high homocysteine levels, which, aside from being destructive to the brain, can lead to the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. One study that looked at the effects of folic acid on age-related brain dysfunction in rats concluded that a significant improvement was witnessed in memory levels. In addition, an improvement was reported in cellular protective mechanisms within the brain. This permitted researchers to summarize that said results were a consequence of folic acid’s ability to reduce oxidative stress to keep neurons intact [ ] . Vitamin B12 (100mcg)

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that is believed to work in synergy with the likes of vitamin B6 and vitamin B9 for optimal brain function. This sentiment was expressed in a review that focused on the importance of biochemical mechanisms and their association with neurological functions. In the end, the researchers explained that the trio has a significant effect on peripheral and central nervous systems, including “cellular energetic processes, antioxidative and neuroprotective effects, and both myelin and neurotransmitter synthesis [ ] .” Garlic Herb Powder (150mg)

When one thinks of garlic, they are likely to consider the endless meals that can help to strengthen in flavor. Well, it turns out that it is as effective in protecting the brain. One team that looked at […]

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