Tried garlic oil and flaxseed oil yet?

Tried garlic oil and flaxseed oil yet?
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HYDERABAD: Rooted in the Vedic culture of India, Ayurveda is a five-thousand-year-old science of natural healing and wellness. Ayurveda examines the human body and its requirements for healthy living. This study has led to the discovery of three elemental bodily Doshas called Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water). Ayurveda studies suggest that the balance of these three elements lead to health and wellness while imbalance causes ailments and diseases. Naturally extracted oils are one of the most recommended products in therapeutic and preventive use.

Unlike massage and essential oils, Ayurveda oils are specially crafted medicinal substances used both internally and externally to promote health, beauty and wellness. These oils are necessary because of their therapeutic and preventive properties. Intake of these health oils result in ‘Ojas’ (Generative Power). Abundance of Ojas keeps one healthy and promotes beautiful skin and hair. Ojas is sustained in part by having a balanced level of oil and healthy fats in your body. Though most of us are aware of the commonly used oils like Coconut, Sesame, Groundnut and Mustard there are many elixirs that effectively assist in everyday ease and healing. Below mentioned are a few oils to add to your daily routine which will help you reap the maximum benefits of Ayurveda for a healthier lifestyle.

Nigella Oil
Known as Blackseed, Krishna Jeeraka or Kalonji, this seed is largely cultivated in the eastern part of the world for its history of therapeutic uses. High in nutrients, Blackseed has often been referred to as ‘the remedy for all.’ Its antioxidant properties and rich supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids play a key role in daily health and wellness. This oil supports liver detoxification and curbs gallbladder inflammation. It also helps reduce digestive problems and is effective in easing conditions like gas, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation and hemorrhoids. Blackseed oil also aids treating respiratory conditions like asthma, cough, emphysema, Swine flu and congestion. In Ayurveda, ‘Krishna Jeeroka’ is known to have qualities which improve Balya (Strength), Agni Vardhak (Stimulating Digestive Fire) and Smrithi Vardhak (Memory Booster). This oil is also known to lower the body mass index (BMI) thereby aiding weight loss.

Flaxseed Oil
Flaxseed or Atasi is one of nature’s richest source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids making it beneficial for the wellbeing of the body. Its rich nutrients and fatty acids are useful for rheumatoid arthritis and joint pains. Anti-inflammatory properties of flaxseed also heal sprains, bruises and injuries. A rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid, flaxseed oil replenishes the required levels of fatty acids and nutrients which help prevent skin disorders and nourish eyes in adults. According to Ayurveda, Atasi Taila is useful in strength, reduces Vata, curing skin diseases and used as Anupana for other drugs. Flaxseeds are also known to be effective in cardiovascular health support and widely used in natural preventive care.

Garlic Oil
Garlic or Lahsun has been a common household ingredient used across the globe for both its culinary and medical use. A powerful antioxidant, garlic oil plays a vital role in general health and wellbeing. It helps in stimulation of the secretion of gastric juice,
decreases low-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, increases high-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol as well as maintains healthy levels of Triglycerides. Garlic Oil is also known to support cardiovascular health and maintain healthy immunity. It is a natural blood thinner with native antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties that help fight infections and strengthens the body’s defenses against allergies. In Ayurveda, garlic oil or Lahsun Taila is useful as digestive.

Almond Oil
Almond also known as Badam is extracted from the seeds of the Almond tree. Its rich nutrient content with innumerable health benefits make it one of the most widely cultivated and used oils globally. Almond oil is great for boosting the immune system, stabilizing blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol and nourishing the brain nervous system. It is considered beneficial for the digestive system as it improves the movement of food through the colon and aids to relieve constipation. According to Ayurveda, Badam Taila is effective for Shahi Poshak (Tissue Building), Vataja Vikara (Diseases of Vata), Varnya (Skin Glow), Kesya (Hair Health) and as a Vrishya (Aphrodisiac).

Wheat Germ
Also known as Goalhumo Tollo is derived from the germinating portion of the wheat kernel. This kernel contains many beneficial nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids like linoleic, Aleks palmitic and stearic which are powerful antioxidants that combat free radicals, offering a multitude of health benefits. Known as a rich source of Vitamin E, it is widely consumed as a nutritional supplement. Wheat Germ oil enhances physical performance and stamina as well as helps reduce fatigue due to the presence of Octacosanol, a component commonly found in the epicuticular waxes of plants. Wheat Germ oil is known to aid in conception and widely used in fertility treatments. With high levels of vitamin E, A, B and C, this oil also helps healthy cell growth. In Ayurveda, Wheat Germ or Godhuma Taila is beneficial in treating Twak Vikaras (Skin disorders), Hidroga (Heart Diseases), Balya (Strengthening) and Rasayana (Autoxidation). To get the safest and most benefits of oils, always choose high-quality organic veg based capsules or oils. When choosing Ayurvedic oils, it is essential to ensure the oil is 100% pure, naturally sourced, therapeutic grade and USDA certified. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not monitor herbs and supplements for quality and purity, so it is vital to be vigilant, informed and selective when purchasing these products.
(The writer is Head Research & Development - Healthcare, Sri Sri Tattva)

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