10 Heath Benefits Of Acai Berries That Will Make You Want Acai In Everything

10 Heath Benefits Of Acai Berries That Will Make You Want Acai In Everything
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In our quest for healthier eats, Acai bowls are a favourite go-to snack post-workouts and post-meals. Sure we all know that acai berries are the superfood of all time, but you can’t help but wonder just what is it that makes the acai berry so special. No need to be intimidated by this small fruit, here we list 10 health benefits of acai berries that will make you want acai in everything.

Just what are Acai berries? They’re a small tiny fruit resembling that of grapes, harvested from South America’s Acai Palm Trees. The taste of the berry can be described as an interesting blend of chocolate and blackberries—a little bit acidic, most parts refreshing and every part delicious.


Regular intakes of acai berries has been shown to improve cognitive function. Not only does it enhance and improve memory, it also improves overall brain health. This is thanks to numerous antioxidants present in the berry that helps to improve blood flow to the brain, while also lowering stress and inflammation.

Though more research is required, studies suggest that antioxidant-rich diets may lower the risk of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Consumption of acai berries boosts the production of fundamental cells that make up our immune systems, such as certain types of white blood cells and delta T cells. Combined with its high concentration of vitamin c, it makes for the perfect smoothie to have to ward off the flu.


One particular antioxidant present in acai berries is known as anthocyanin, regular consumption of which reduces the risk of heart attacks especially in young and middle-aged women.

On top of that, it helps to balance cholesterol levels by boosting production of “good” cholesterol and reducing production of “bad” cholesterol, reducing the risk of narrowing arteries.


Though further research is needed to confirm this, consumption of anthocyanin in acai berries have been observed to prevent cancer cell development and induce death of cancer cells, therefore preventing cancer cell invasion and the formation of tumours.

Greater Lot Acai Smoothie Bowl


Acai berries are one of the world’s highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) food, ORAC being a measure of how well antioxidants are capable of neutralising free radicals, which would otherwise cause cell damage.

Despite its small size, it has more antioxidants than other fruits such as blueberries and grapes, therefore only small doses are required. A little goes a long way!


Apart from antioxidants, acai berries also contain fatty amino acids which promote muscle performance, energy production and endurance. It does so by reducing the body’s metabolic stress while reducing the perceived exertion, making them the perfect energy-boosting snack to grab on the go.

Darling Cafe Acai Bowl


Rich in fibre, consuming more acai berries helps to cleanse the digestive system and keep it functioning normally, riding us of sluggish digestion and allows for better absorption of nutrients from food.

The powerful detoxification capacities also help to allow the body to carry on burning fat, and also to lose weight.


Rather than chemical-based skin cares, natural skin care products are always a great alternative. Due to acai berries’ high antioxidant content, acai oil is an extremely popular ingredient in many beauty products.

When consumed, it also provides the nutrients your body requires to give it that healthy glow.

Avocado Cafe Acai Green Bowl_


As ageing is relative to cellular damage, acai berries having a high ORAC value means that apart from reducing cellular damage, it also helps to slow down the ageing process.

Apart from reducing effects such as hair loss and cataract formation, application of acai oil also helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles.


While it’s not an aphrodisiac, it does help improve blood flow and circulation throughout the human body.

Since the lack of blood flow is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction and the lack of sexual stamina, acai berry juice is a great alternative to medication for those with such conditions.

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