4 Extremely Legit Reasons Why Learning Is Good For Your Soul

4 Extremely Legit Reasons Why Learning Is Good For Your Soul
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4 Extremely Legit Reasons Why Learning Is Good For Your Soul

Whether it’s ‘official’ studying or not, we should never stop learning. Just imagine if you what you know right now is all you’ll ever know? I can’t be the only one who finds that concept mildly terrifying. Don’t just take my word for it, science also says there are legit benefits to continued learning.

1. It Boosts Your Brain Function

It’s not like you ‘lose’ your intelligence if you stop learning, but your brain gets used to being lazy. A study published in the Psychological Science Journal found that regularly putting time into learning a new skill for at least three months improved the memory of participants significantly and sustainably over the next year, compared to participants who simply engaged in social activities.

According to Dementia Australia, scientific studies have also found that the challenge of learning new things helps to actually build new brain cells and strengthen the connection between them. So basically, you’ll have more in reserve should any be damaged.

2. It Broadens Your Knowledge Base

I mean, duh. Despite being obvious it’s still a very good reason to keep learning. First of all, it makes you more interesting at parties/ in life when you can meaningfully join in more conversations because you know more. Then there’s the whole worldly aspect. It’s basically the best way to banish ignorance, IMO. Plus it’s just cool, there’s a whole wide world out there, why wouldn’t you want to know more about it?

3. It Improves Your Work Prospects

A natural flow on from broadening your knowledge is the opening of more job prospects. Of course, for this to be true you’d want to closely consider what you were learning and tailor it to the skills you’re missing to get into your dream job.

Maybe that means starting from scratch in a new industry entirely, or maybe it’s a case of upskilling to build on the knowledge you already have. Heading back to study can be daunting, but it’s very possible and doesn’t even have to mean giving up your day job.

4. It Sparks Social Engagement

While the Psychological Science Journal may have shown that social activity doesn’t improve your brain, improving your brain sure can boost your social activity. Sure, group projects may actually be the bane of the world’s existence. But they’re still a solid way to meet and engage with new people, as are class discussions and the whole community aspect of studying.

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