9 Mother’s Day Gifts Inspired by Our Favorite Movie Moms

9 Mother’s Day Gifts Inspired by Our Favorite Movie Moms
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mothers day gifts movies moms daughter
mothers day gifts movies moms daughter

Whether they’re fighting to keep their family together or fighting to hold on to their youth, there has been no shortage of memorable mother-daughter moments in film. This Mother’s Day, we’re taking cues from some of our favorite movie moms to find gifts that even the most discerning of them would approve of.

From new beauty releases to accessories to tech gadgets she’ll find surprisingly useful, here are nine of our favorite gifts to deliver to mom this year, whether she’s a Hollywood A-lister, or just a superstar in our hearts.

1. Dyson Supersonic Limited-Edition Mother’s Day Gift Set

dyson supersonic hair dryer set
dyson supersonic hair dryer set

If you’ve got a “cool mom” like Amy Poehler in “Mean Girls,” you’ll want to get her the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. The familiar iron and fuchsia set is a favorite of celebrity hairstylists like Jen Atkin and Matthew Collins, and for good reason: the dryer uses Dyson’s special “velocity airflow” to dry hair quickly, without a lot of heat. That means smoother, healthier, less frizzy hair. It works for all hair types too.

This limited-edition set comes with the Supersonic Hair Dryer, a detangling comb, a paddle brush, smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, diffuser and hanger.

What we like: the hair dryer is ergonomically balanced, for a sturdy, comfortable grip, letting you work your way around each strand for a quicker, more efficient blow drying experience, whether you’re prepping your daughter for her high school performance, or just prepping for your next big night out.

Stream: “Mean Girls,” $3.99 on Amazon.com | Purchase: Dyson Supersonic Mother’s Day Set, $399 on Sephora.com.

2. Happy Cards From GiftCards.com

If your mom’s been stressed out and needs a little pick-me-up (think Laurie Metcalf’s character in “Lady Bird“), consider getting her a “Happy Card” from GiftCards.com. While most gift cards are only redeemable at a single location, Happy Cards are redeemable at a host of stores and restaurants, letting mom choose how she wants to spend it.

The “Happy Her” card can be loaded up with any dollar amount and can be used at Godiva, Peet’s Coffee, Ulta Beauty, Under Armour and more. The “Happy Beauty” card, meantime, works at Sephora, Lord & Taylor, Spafinder and Sally Beauty. It can even be redeemed for classes or a gym membership at LA Fitness. There are Happy Cards for foodies and entertainment lovers, too.

What we like: your mom can split up how she spends her gift card. For example, she can spend $5 for a coffee at Peet’s, $10 for a lipstick at Ulta and then the rest on a new pair of shoes at Under Armour. There are no fees and your card never expires. Purchase: Happy Cards, $20-plus on GiftCards.com.

Another option: get mom a Spafinder gift card from GiftCards.com. These cards can be redeemed for everything from a spa day to facials, to a private yoga session or haircut. Spafinder works with thousands of spas, salons and studios across the country. Let’s face it: If you’ve spent the past few months running your mom ragged like Lady Bird, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give her some well-deserved TLC.

Stream: “Lady Bird,” $3.99 on Amazon.com (or free with Amazon Prime membership) | Purchase: Spafinder Gift Cards, $10-plus on GiftCards.com.

3. Adero Smart Tracker System

adero smart tag review
adero smart tag review

You can’t always track your children (see: Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Deep End of the Ocean” or Halle Berry in 2017’s “Kidnap”), but these days, it’s getting easier to track your stuff, thanks to a smart tracker system like this one from Adero. Moms love it for keeping tabs on their purse, phone and laptop, to make sure they’ve got everything before heading out the door.

This $80 set comes with three smart tags, three taglets and a charger. To use: place a tag on your bag and then stick taglets on the things you want to pair with that bag. For example: stick a tag on your gym bag and then a taglet on your water bottle and spin shoes. Press your bag’s smart tag and it will glow green when all of your essentials are packed. If it lights up red, something is missing. Check the app on your phone to see what’s missing before you leave.

You can’t exactly stick a tag on your kids to keep track of them, but moms love using this to make sure their children have their phone and house keys on them at all times, so they always stay connected — and can always find their way home.

Stream: “The Deep End of the Ocean,” $3.99 on Amazon.com / “Kidnap,” $3.99 on Amazon.com | Purchase: Adero Smart Tracker System, $99.99 on Amazon.com.

4. Solgaard Carry-On Closet 2.0

CREDIT: Solgaard

Whether you’re heading on a mother-daughter trip like Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer in “Snatched,” or trying to keep your family — and luggage — together like Christina Applegate in 2015’s “Vacation,” you’ll want to upgrade to this “carry-on closet” from accessories brand Solgaard.

In “Snatched,” Hawn’s character, Linda, is a little precious about her belongings and won’t let anyone touch her luggage. This TSA-sized carry-on features a durable, polycarbonate shell that Solgaard says is “virtually indestructible.” And the company offers a 10-year warranty.

The best part: A built in shelving system allows you to stay organized on the go, letting you stack your tops, pants, shoes, toiletries and accessories in separate compartments, that then fold neatly into the suitcase. The “carry-on closet” measures 21 x 14.3 x 9 inches with a 39L capacity.

Stream: “Snatched,” $14.99 on Amazon.com / “Vacation,” $3.99 on Amazon.com | Purchase: $225 on Solgaard.co.

5. Dooney & Bourke NFL Nylon Satchel

nfl purse baltimore ravens
nfl purse baltimore ravens

Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for playing a mom who stops at nothing to support her adopted son’s football career, in 2009’s “The Blind Side.” The box office hit was based on the real life story of Michael Oher, who went on to be drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, and played eight seasons in the NFL.

If your mom is a football fall, you’ll want to check out the new women’s collection of apparel and accessories from the NFL Shop. Items range from jerseys and hats, to home decor, bags and jewelry. We like this chic nylon satchel, from popular bag maker Dooney & Bourke. Made from a durable nylon material with leather straps and accents, the bag is available in your favorite team logo.

Looking for a bag that will clear security at the stadium? The NFL Shop has a number of “stadium safety compliant” bags online as well. The 2019 NFL season kicks off Sept. 5.

Stream: “The Blind Side,” $3.99 on Amazon.com | Purchase: Dooney & Bourke NFL Satchel, $228 on NFLShop.com.

6. Audio-Technica Bluetooth Turntable

best turntable audio technica
best turntable audio technica

Jamie Lee Curtis switches bodies — and lives — with Lindsay Lohan in 2003’s “Freaky Friday,” ultimately re-discovering their love for each other. Along the way, Curtis’ character also rediscovers her love for music, thanks to time spent with her daughter’s high school rock band.

Music-loving moms will appreciate this chic turntable from leading audio brand Audio-Technica. One of the best-reviewed record players in the market, this unit plays 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records on a classic belt-drive turntable. Unlike old school players, which only play music though its single, built-in speaker, this one is also equipped to play music from your Bluetooth-connected wireless speakers. In other words, you can spin the record in one room, while listening to the tracks in a completely different part of the house.

A beautiful display piece, the turntable measures 18 x 6 x 16 inches and is available in stark white (pictured above), black, navy or orange.

Stream: “Freaky Friday,” $3.99 on Amazon.com | Purchase: Audio-Technica Bluetooth Turntable, $149 on Amazon.com.

7. Nootropic Chocolates

nootropic chocolate sakara
nootropic chocolate sakara

Jane Fonda has played many a hippie mom, including in 2011’s “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding,” and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her character — or her — enjoying these Nootropic Chocolates from clean-living and clean-eating website Sakara.com. Whether your mom’s a hippy or just conscious about what she’s putting into her body, she’ll appreciate these superfood treats, which promise to boost energy, brain clarity and focus — naturally.

As the name suggests, ingredients in these bite-sized organic chocolates include “Nootropics,” a class of potent compounds like L-theanine and lion’s mane that naturally boost concentration and help ease anxiety. Lion’s mane has also been shown to help enhance memory and prevent age-related brain degeneration.

The adaptogens in the chocolates, meantime, include nourishing herbs like gotu kola and bacopa, which help to reduce fatigue and regulate the body’s stress response. A hint of green tea helps with alertness, without the crash of caffeine. Recommended use: one to two chocolates a day, whenever you need a pick me up.

Stream: “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding,” $12.99 on Amazon.com | Purchase: Nootropic Chocolates, $45 on Sakara.com.

8. Nikon D3500 Two-Lens Kit

CREDIT: Amazon

In 1998’s “Stepmom,” Julia Roberts plays a fashion photographer who assumes the titular role after meeting her boyfriend’s children — and ex-wife. Whether your mom needs a camera for work or just for her next trip, Nikon is offering a ton of Mother’s Day specials this year, including $300 off its D3500 Two-Lens Kit.

The kit features Nikon’s most lightweight and compact DSLR yet, which is super easy to set up and use right away. The camera has a built-in sensor that’s 15 times larger than a phone camera, while Bluetooth connectivity lets you share your photos without needing to plug in. You’ll also get two matched lenses to help you cover all the angles: one lens for portraits, landscape and wide perspective shots; and a telephoto zoom lens that’s great for sports, concerts, nature and more. The kit also includes a camera bag and a free online course to help you — or mom — get comfortable with the camera in minutes.

Stream: “Stepmom,” $3.99 on Amazon.com | Purchase: Nikon D3500 Two-Lens Kit, $546.95 on Amazon.com.

9. Candles From Outdoor Fellow

outdoor fellow candles review
outdoor fellow candles review

Terms of Endearment” is perhaps one of the most famous films depicting mother-daughter relationships. Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger’s relationship in the movie is fraught with tension, but is ultimately one of love and gratitude. If you’re looking to share a similar sentiment this Mother’s Day, swap the overly saccharine sweets and scents for something a little more down to earth with these nature-inspired candles from Outdoor Fellow.

We like the No.19 pepper + orange scent from the New York-based company. Like MacLaine’s character in the movie, it’s spicy and fiery, but ultimately sweet. A 6 oz. candle burns for up to 40 hours, while an 8 oz. candle gets 50 hours of burn time.

Looking for something a little more relaxing? Pick up the No.15 – cedarwood + lavender candle, infused with lavender, cedarwood, pine needle and a hint of rosemary for a calm and soothing scent that’s great to help mom unwind after a long week.

Stream: “Terms of Endearment,” $3.99 on Amazon.com | Purchase: Outdoor Fellow Candles, $37 on OutdoorFellow.com.

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