Best Caffeine Pills 2020

Best Caffeine Pills 2020

Caffeine permeates society in more ways than we realize.

It’s not just a Starbucks on every corner or the flourishing energy drink industry.

Rather, caffeine, as the ingredient that sparks natural stimulation within the body, fuels the majority of Western productivity.

But what exactly is caffeine?

In its pure chemical form, trimethylxanthine , caffeine occurs naturally in plants as an evolutionary defense mechanism.

In short – it’s meant to be mildly poisonous to insects so that the plant doesn’t get eaten.

However, when ingested by humans, it acts as a central nervous system stimulant .

That means that it, ironically, has the opposite of its intended effect – making us want to harvest caffeine-producing plants for nootropic use.

If isolated from its parent plant, caffeine stands as a white, odorless solid. Isolating caffeine by itself is a bit more complicated than, say, brewing tea leaves.

Fortunately, caffeine is highly water-soluble, making it an ideal ingredient for drinks.

On the flip side, the caffeine concentration in plants like coffee and tea varies greatly. Especially after roasting, soaking, and brewing, it’s hard to know the exact caffeine content of coffee, tea, yerba mate, and other drinks .

That’s where caffeine pills come in.

Thanks to modern science, we’re able to isolate caffeine from natural sources, measure out a specific quantity, and place it within a pill.

It’s a quick and easy way to reap the benefits of caffeine at the right dose, thanks to modern caffeine pills.

However, with so many options out there, you want to make sure you choose a supplement featuring the right dose without any dangerous add-ons.

In fact, the best ones can even upgrade the power of caffeine.

Within this article, you’ll discover:

> What makes up a caffeine pill

The benefits of caffeine pills (and how they stack up against coffee)

Ways to utilize your caffeine pills

Potential side effects

…and finally our choice for the Best Caffeine Pills 2020

* If you want the quick answer, then go straight to our #1 caffeine pills this year: Performance Lab Stim .

What are Caffeine Pills?

Caffeine is one of the most common compounds that people ingest that acts on the brain.

As a result, most people are familiar with the classic (but necessary) cup of coffee in the morning to wake up.While the taste of coffee is certainly comforting, the compound that actually acts as a stimulant to your brain is caffeine.Caffeine stimulates your brain and nervous system which, in turn, usually makes people feel more awake.Coffee beans – what makes coffee – are notorious for containing caffeine. But it’s also found in other natural ingredients such as tea leaves and kola nuts.The makers of caffeine pills either extract natural caffeine from these plant sources or manufacture it synthetically.The result? A perfectly calculated and measured energy buzz in pill form . Benefits of Good Caffeine Pills Caffeine is classified as a nootropic for its cognitive enhancing abilities.Not only can it wake you up in the morning, but a good caffeine pill also has the following benefits: Enhanced focus Improved creativity Sharpened memory Sustained energy Increased power output Better workouts Improved fat-burning ability Decreased depression and improved mood …and obviously reduced fatigue Since most of us take caffeine to fight fatigue, let’s start there. Caffeine pills hit your system quickly and target your adenosine receptors.Adenosine, as part of the energy molecule ATP, gets used up by the body when we’re energetic and awake.However, it slowly builds within the brain as we wind down towards sleep.When this adenosine links up with its receptors, it’s like a car pulling into its parking spot for the night. The more the cars are parked, the more tired we feel.Caffeine blocks those parking spots, so adenosine is left to roam freely, keeping us alert and awake. This action influences other stimulatory systems within the brain, much like a full parking lot would leave trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles scrambling around.Due to the aforementioned effects, caffeine increases catecholamine signaling.Your catecholamines, such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine, regulate mood, focus, and attention levels.Therefore, by targeting these areas, caffeine pills help us concentrate on the task at hand .Too much adrenaline, however, can result in hyperstimulation and anxiety. That’s why it’s important to take caffeine pills with an effective dose. Finally, caffeine pills can improve your workouts. For example, doses of 400-600mg increase acute strength due to excited nervous systems.Research shows that caffeine improves anaerobic power in exercises such as weight lifting and sprinting. It also has a short-term thermogenic effect, meaning it increased heat production within the body.By doing so, caffeine pills mobilize fats to burn calories, potentially accelerating weight loss . Are Caffeine Pills better than Coffee? There are plenty of reasons to love coffee.Its warm, rich aroma wafting through your kitchen like a wake-up call. The bitter-yet-delicious taste of the hot brown liquid in your mug as you drive to work. Or the camaraderie of the timeless tradition of enjoying a cup of joe with your friends.Personally, I love coffee for all the above reasons and more. But some people just don’t like the way it tastes, or they have to cover it in cream and sugar to enjoy it.Other times, coffee is simply inconvenient. And if you’re just looking for a caffeine boost, it’s pretty inconsistent. If you don’t take your coffee black, even a harmless pinch of cream or sugar can add up . In a Western world whose obesity rates seem to be climbing, those calories might be unnecessary.For those looking to lose weight, removing liquid sugars is often the first step. Sodas, fruit juices, wine, and beer all fit the bill.But if you enjoy a few cups of coffee every day, it could be holding you back from your results.Even if you add artificial sweeteners and creamers, those contain dangerous ingredients as well.Fake sweeteners can hurt your metabolism, while trans fats and emulsifiers cause inflammation and can clog arteries .Now, the obvious solution is to just drink your morning coffee black, but why force yourself to drink something you don’t […]


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