Citicoline Market Solid Analyzed Segmentation, Demand, Recent Share Estimation and Growth Prospects by Regions to 2022

Citicoline Market Solid Analyzed Segmentation, Demand, Recent Share Estimation and Growth Prospects by Regions to 2022
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citicoline market is estimated to surpass US$ 550 million in 2019. Citicoline demand is driven by a range of factors, notably increasing geriatric population and growing use among eSports players. The study offers in-depth and incisive insights on key factors influencing the global demand for citicoline.

Supplement Consumption Among eSports Players: A Lucrative Opportunity

Growing popularity and increasing investments in eSports is helping the market go mainstream which, in turn, is opening an assortment of opportunities for various industries. Players participating in eSports tournaments are seeking cognitive enhancing supplements which can help them concentrate, plot strategies, and improve working memory. Additionally, a ban on the use of other nootropics such as Ritalin and Adderall in eSports leagues is creating demand for 'permissible' supplements. Citicoline's negligible toxicity and its organic nature is making it an appealing prospect for eSports players. With regulations allowing the use of citicoline in functional food and supplements, manufacturers are increasingly focusing towards including the compound in their products to capitalize on the bolstering demand for cognitive-enhancing supplements in eSports.

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Citicoline's Role in Ischemic Stroke Treatment Creating Opportunities

The adverse and often fatal impact of ischemic stroke on human health, coupled with increasing prevalence is bolstering demand for effective treatment of the condition. According to WHO, stroke is the second leading cause of death in the world and the third leading cause of disabilities in adults. Additionally, the lack of a standard procedure of treatment for different ischemic stroke patients is influencing healthcare researchers to focus on the development of acute therapy for all patients. According to Fact.MR's study, citicoline is being viewed as a potential treatment option by researchers and healthcare providers. These factors are vital to citicoline market growth and are expected propel proliferation during the forecast period.

The study opines that citicoline demand is also likely to be influenced by its role in treatment of brain injuries. Studies suggest treatment of patients with citicoline has been beneficial in reducing headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, and in substantially relieving motor, cognitive, and mental symptoms. These developments are further driving researchers towards testing its potential use in treatment for pervasive developmental disorders such as atypical autism, Asperger Syndrome, and autism. Intensifying clinical trials and research and developmental activities in the area are expected to open new and lucrative opportunities for companies in the citicoline market.

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Increasing Demand for Memory-boosting Supplements for Elderly to Bolster Market Growth

The growth in the geriatric population around the world is expected to continue with the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) estimating the number of people aged over 65 to account for 16 percent of the world population by 2050. Citicoline finds widespread usage in the production of supplements for enhancing cognition in the elderly. In addition, intensifying clinical trials towards improving citicoline efficacy through its synergy with other chemicals is another vital factor estimated to drive market growth. Fact.MR opines that advancements in tablet manufacturing will bolster production of highly effective supplements, with sales of citicoline tablets estimated to reach nearly US$ 235 million in 2019.

The Fact.MR report tracks the citicoline market for the period 2018-2028. According to the report, the citicoline market is projected to grow at 8.5% CAGR through 2028.

Table of Contents Covered in the report are:

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Global Market Outlook
1.2. Mega Trends
1.3. Opportunity Assessment
1.4. Wheel of Fortune
1.5. Fact.MR Research Analysis

2. Market Overview
2.1. Citicoline Market Taxonomy
2.2. Citicoline Market Definition & Introduction

3. Key Market Trends
3.1. Key Trends Impacting the Market
3.1.1. Business Trends
3.1.2. Product Trends
3.1.3. End Use Trends

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4. Dynamic & Key Success Factors
4.1. Market Drivers
4.2. Market Restraints
4.3. Market Opportunities
4.4. Regional Regulation Snapshot
4.5. Regulatory Requirements for Dietary Supplements
4.6. Label Claim: Overview
4.7. Strategic Promotional Strategies, By Key Manufacturers

5. Global Citicoline Market Background
5.1. Global Economic Outlook
5.2. Global Pharmaceutical Industry Overview
5.3. World Chemical Sales, 2017
5.4. Global Healthcare Sector Outlook
5.5. Health Expenditure Per Capita (US$) by Key Countries, 2010-2015
5.6. Value Chain
5.7. Threshold of correlation to Multiple Factors
5.8. Macroeconomic Factors
5.9. Investment Feasibility Matrix
5.10. Citicoline Market: Forecast Scenario
5.11. Forecast Factors and Relevance of Impact
5.12. Market Positioning Assessment by Regions

6. Global Citicoline Market Pricing Analysis
6.1. Pricing Analysis by Form, 2018
6.2. Global Citicoline Market – Factors Influencing Pricing

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What are the Challenges Stifling Citicoline Market Growth?
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Citicoline Market Structure
citicoline market taxonomy
Research Methodology
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