Kimera Koffee Releases a New Coffee Product With Vitamins, Aimed at Boosting Focus and Mental Endurance

Kimera Koffee Releases a New Coffee Product With Vitamins, Aimed at Boosting Focus and Mental Endurance

Coral Gables, FL – Kimera Koffee is proud to announce the launch of its new product, the World’s First Brain Vitamin Infused Coffee. The new product by their company has been designed to offer consumers all of the vitamins needed to boost brain function, improve focus, cognitive ability, as well as power output. Added to the brain boost offered by the new product, consumers are offered the same and highly sought after tasty, smooth coffee edge that they need to get through each day’s hard tasks.

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Announcing the new product, Frank Pimentel, the spokesperson for the team at Kimera Koffee said, “The Formula Kimera Koffee was born out of our desire to infuse our delicious coffee blends with quality, healthful brain vitamins. We understand that navigating the world of supplementation and nutrition is a tricky and confusing endeavor — it was for us! So, we made it our priority to provide our customers with ingredients that had real clinical and peer review studies backing them. After going through dozens of formulas, we finally achieved our goal of supplementing for balanced mental health and athletic performance without sacrificing our coffee’s flavor profile. Throughout our process, we’ve combed through dozens of research papers, clinical studies, and peer reviews. Keep reading to discover what makes Kimera different!”

Each coffee with vitamins purchased by consumers is guaranteed to contain a wide range of ingredients that have been fused to give the perfect blend of brain boost, tasty and nourishing cup of coffee. The blend offered by Kimera Koffee contains essential brain-boosting compounds like Alpha GPC, a natural choline compound that is found in the brain and can also be found in soy, meats, and fish. The compound has been proven to improve memory, enhance mental focus, and also increase power output.

Added to this, each cup that is made contains Taurine, an organic acid that aids in delaying cognitive decline due to aging. Consumers can also take advantage of the L-Theanine content of the coffee, a tea extract that balances daily anxiety, improves sleep patterns, and also prevents cholesterol-related damage.

The new product from Kimera Koffee also possesses DMAE, a choline molecule found in fish that boosts mental performance, increases energy, improves oxygen efficiency, and promotes red blood cell function.

Consumers can also take advantage of the Ginko Biloba and L-Glutamine content of the coffee for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, platelet-forming, and circulation-boosting effects.

Kimera Koffee is headquartered at 2555 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For inquiries, contact their team by calling (305) 476-7100 or send an email to For additional information, visit their company’s website. Media Contact
Company Name: Kimera Koffee
Contact Person: Frank Pimentel
Email: Send Email
Phone: (305) 476-7100
Address: 2555 Ponce de Leon Blvd
City: Coral Gables
State: FL
Country: United States


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