NoctaLean Reviews – Risky Scam or Legit Sleep Supplement?

NoctaLean Reviews – Risky Scam or Legit Sleep Supplement?

NoctaLean’s manufacturers claim their formula can help people sleep better, longer and deeper, all while supporting all aspects of their immune health and simply providing rejuvenation from the inside out. They say it can do all this because it combines potent nutrients that trigger a reinvigorating sleep and improve one’s health when used in the right amounts. Found exclusively at , the NoctaLean supplement is one of the leading 2021 formulas for relaxation and sleep support that can be used with a 20-second deep sleep hack that will help the body burn fat and lose weight overnight. Let’s review the NoctaLean sleep enhancement formula to see if it can not only boost energy and immunity, but supply the body with superfood nutrients that accelerate whole body wellness each and every night. What is NoctaLean?

NoctaLean is a dietary supplement that claims to curb “dangerous” food cravings, flush out pounds of “toxic” fat, replace feelings of “crippling” anxiety, and rejuvenate the body to promote a night of deep sleep. These are some vast claims. Below is an overview of the product and its qualities.

According to the official product webpage , Rick Bauer presents himself as the man behind the supplement. He claims he is a medical worker who is married to Mary, who would hide away and stuff “herself with foods that would send her to an early grave.” Bauer claims that he found a “mysterious fat-melting solution from a remote island on the other side of the world.”

Then, suddenly, with this purported “sleep hack,” she released “2 pounds of stubborn fat overnight,” then a “whopping 57” pounds, and long story short, she magically transformed to a “sexy, slim and toned” woman. NoctaLean Ingredients

According to the product webpage, there are several ingredients – specifically “5 super nutrients” and that are purported to trigger a restorative sleep that rejuvenates the body and releases fat at night. The ingredient descriptions on the product web page feature footnote references, presumably to research studies. But, it does not appear that the studies are available on the product webpage.

Here are the ingredients in NoctaLean, as the product’s website presents them : Griffonia Simplicifolia

Scientifically known as Hydroxytryptophan, Griffonia Simplicifolia is a shrub from Africa. It contains the natural amino acid tryptophan essential for serotonin, the happy hormone, to be released and deep sleep to be reached. When serotonin levels are increased, food cravings are reduced, so NoctaLean could be of great help if one is trying to lose weight. Hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. According to Healthline , which references several research studies, this amino acid is used by the body to produce serotonin. A few of the benefits of serotonin include counteracting hunger-inducing hormones, may mitigate depression, and may promote sleep by enhancing the production of melatonin. Melatonin

This ingredient is known by many, used in sleeping aids because it helps users fall asleep quickly. But the good news doesn’t stop here! Melatonin is also known to increase the metabolic rate, which means it can enhance weight loss too. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland. One study suggests that the hormone may have anti-obesity effects, and another study suggests that it may also promote a night of healthy sleep. Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide is a vital mineral that many Americans are missing from their diet. It boosts energy levels, which leads to sleeping deeper because the day was spent actively. Magnesium is a vitamin that is present in leafy greens, such as spinach. One study suggests that higher magnesium intake is associated with lower fasting glucose and insulin. L-Theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid that promotes relaxation. It can be found in mushrooms and tea leaves from Asia, where it has been used for thousands of years to relieve stress. L-theanine is an amino acid that is commonly found in tea leaves. One study suggests that L-theanine can reduce stress-related symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and poor sleep, and improve cognitive function, such as verbal fluency and executive function. Melissa Officinalis

This ingredient promotes calmness. Lemon balm also has many added benefits of flavonoids, quercetin, and luteolin, and phenolic acids. The herb has traditionally been used for cognitive purposes; most are centered around improving cognition and reducing stress and anxiety. It is said to calm the nerves and to relax the body. Melissa Officinalis is a plant. One study suggests that supplementation of Melissa Officinalis may decrease depression, stress, and sleep disorders among those with chronic stable angina. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerful antioxidant that increases the feeling of satiety and helps with consuming fewer calories. Besides, it supports insulin sensitivity to improve when consuming too many carbs to keep blood sugar at healthy levels. ACV is also an amazing immunity booster. According to Healthline, several studies suggest that apple cider vinegar may promote fullness and decrease calorie intake. Turmeric and Curcumin

These 2 ingredients protect against insomnia, keep the brain healthy, and help the body manage inflammation. Curcumin is also known to protect against heart disease. Organic curcumin is an orange/yellow root and is known as the turmeric spice. According to one study , curcumin may have restorative effects on sleep-deprivation induced memory impairments. This study was conducted on rats. Ginger Root Extract

Ginger Root is known to keep blood sugar levels at normal range and the immune system healthy, help the brain perform, and control cholesterol levels. Moreover, it’s an amazing aphrodisiac. Ginger root is a root. One study suggests that root and is commonly found on store shelves in the ground-up form to be used as a spice. According to one study, ginger root may have anti-inflammatory qualities, and it may have anti-nausea qualities. Astragalus Root

This exotic root has been used for centuries as a natural helper to strengthen the body, reduce stress, and support the immune system’s health. Astragalus is a root. One study suggests that it may have […]


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