Rowing is the new spin and start ‘fat fasting’… 8 health and wellness trends for weight loss in 2019

FITNESS, like fashion, changes with each new year. This year we’ve moved away from HIIT training and hardcore dieting towards less stressful but more permanent lifestyles – from intermittent fasting and keto dieting to infrared saunas and crosstraining. Getty – Contributor 2018 has seen us moving away from stressful workouts to focus more on relaxation and sustainable change And lots of that is set to continue into next 2019. But if you really want to get ahead of the curve, then these are just some of the fitness trends we’re going to see everywhere in 2019, according to Healthista : 1. Fat fasting for weight loss Intermittent fasting has become huge over the past year (some people have been doing it for years but many of us are recent converts). Getty – Contributor Adding saturated fat to your coffee during your fasting window might keep hunger at bay 16:8 is probably the most popular type of IF, with people eating during a fixed eight hour period and fasting for 16. That typically means skipping breakfast – having your first meal around lunchtime and your last bite to eat around 8pm. The only problem is keeping hunger at bay (although that does subside after a few days). And that’s where the 2019 version of IF differs. Regular intermittent fasting recommends having nothing but black coffee, tea and water in the fasting periods – but this one believes that bulletproof coffee – coffee with added butter – is the answer. According to stunt actress-turned-naturopath Annelie Whitfield, saturated fats satiate hunger without spiking blood sugar. Alamy Mmm, a cup of coffee with a side plate of fat So she’s all for adding butter or coconut butter into your drinks, so long as you’re not having sugar or carbs. "Remember, don’t be scared […]

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