The importance of cycling nootropics

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Humans are always in a rush of becoming better, bigger and faster. With the aim of self-improvement and development, many people are turning to smart drugs or nootropics. Nootropics are substances that boost mental performance. You may have seen such supplements in pop-up ads or health magazines, which promise to improve focus and memory. But the true question is whether these brain enhancers actually work or is just our money going the drain. Here is all the information you need to know about these smart drugs.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics or smart drugs are memory enhancing, or brain-boosting drugs that were first developed by scientist Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea. He coined the compound nootropic which means mind- change in French. Nootropics aim to change the mind by improving brain functions like attention and memory.

Smart drugs primarily work by protecting the neurons present in the brain from damage by age and toxins. They stimulate the neurons and increase the flow of blood and oxygen supply into the brain, which consequently improves the attention span and other cognitive functions. Brain enhancers are of two types:

• The natural ones like Ginkgo biloba, creatine, and phenibut
• The man-made like Adderall, noopept

Some people even use nuts like walnuts and almonds to improve their brain activity.

The need of Cycling Nootropics

The first step in the journey of enhancing the cognitive function is to get hands on a good smart drug. it can be a head scratcher as there to find the right medicine and the correct dosage that suits you. If you do not take the nootropics rightly then you may end up being quite irritated.

Like you, use the supplements and medications to lose fat and buff up the muscles sporadically, it's a good practice to cycle the nootropics too. For many of you, the cycling drug will be a new concept. If you are one amongst them then keep scrolling. You will know everything about cycling by the end of this blog.

What Is Drug Cycling

In easy words, cycling a drug suggests that to vary the quantity over irregular times. Therefore, if you take a fixed amount of drug at the same time day by day, month after month then it is not drug cycling. Not cycling a drug becomes quite a stagnant process, which may even cause ingestion problems later on.

Cycling Nootropics

Following the same intake regime works best for a few drugs (is necessary for some drugs), however, nootropics do not require such strict time and dosage schedule. When you take a smart drug repeatedly with the same quantity, the body slowly becomes resistant to it and the drug loses its effectiveness. Your body adjusts according to the supplement and you need to change the dosage to see results.

When you do not cycle a medicine, only a less amount of the drug actually reaches your central nervous system. That is the main area where the drug starts showing action and spreads throughout the brain via the neurotransmitters to improve the brain functions.

Now, in order to prevent the tolerance to a smart drug, you have to do something to surprise your Central nervous system. You have to switch the dosage of nootropic so that the body gets the same effects with different quantities of the drug. You must try to cycle your medications.

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How to Cycle Nootropics

There are three effective ways that you can opt to cycle your medicines.

• The first method is to change the quantity of the drug you are consuming. You can take a lighter dosage for one week and the take a slightly higher dose for the next week. This way you will not build a resistance to the drug. Then just repeat and rinse. It will prevent your body to be accustomed to just one dosage. And you will get good results will both the drug dosages.

• The second methodology to cycle a nootropic is to follow a method called stacking. you have got to mix 2 totally different medications in order that the body doesn't become conditioned to any explicit compound. you'll additionally alternate between 2 totally different nootropic medicine per week.For example, you can use Armodafinil in the first week then consume Modafinil in the following week and then go back to the first compound in the third week and so on. This way, you will keep your body guessing the compound that it has to expect and prevent building a resistance to the drug.

• The last method to cycle your smart drugs is to stop consuming the medicine for some period of time. Combining two compounds is the best way to cycle the medicine, but switching the dosages of the drugs can also be helpful. However, in both the methods you are at risk to build a resistance to the drug.

The best way to cycle the medicine is to switch the routines continuously. Like, you can take nootropic A in week one, then switch to nootropic B for the second week. Then, take nootropic A for two weeks and nootropic B for the next two weeks. Then do not take any medicine for the entire week. Then restart the cycle with nootropic A and repeat the whole cycle again.

This way you can avoid inefficiency, tolerance, and potentially dangerous buildup. Using the above method you can take maximum benefit from your nootropic medicine.

What are the risks of taking nootropics?

There are various risks associated with continuous use of smart drugs. These are:

• Cardiac arrest
• High blood pressure
• Insomnia
• Psychosis
• Hallucinations
• Dizziness
• Numbness
• Swelling in neck, tongue, and throat
• Headache
• Restlessness
• GI tract issues
• Nervousness
• Change in mood
• Fatigue
• Rashes
• Skin irritation

It is advisable to take this drug according to the directions of a doctor. Do not start, stop or change the dosage of the medicine on your own. Even cycling of the medicine should be done under the supervision of a doctor/specialist. This medicine has various long-term effects. is one of the growing platform for an International blog site that brings the latest blog post for all health categories like fitness & exercise,yoga,food & recipes , nutrition, diet & weight loss , beauty and many more !!

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