Best BJJ Recovery Supplements

Best BJJ Recovery Supplements
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As much as they call it the gentle art – BJJ is a tough game. Two athletes battle it out with brain and brawn with the sole intention of dominating the other. It’s all about knowledge, timing, and physical prowess.

Your top flight competitors aren’t regular Joe’s who hit the sports hall two or three times a week. No. They’re ripped, muscle-bound, and in peak physical fitness – nothing short of an elite athlete. To sustain their hard training and fighting these men and women need to have their nutrition on lockdown. Their supplement game must be faultless too.

BJJ players and competitors take supplements to bulletproof their diet plans. Sometimes things go a-miss, or certain vitamins and minerals are hard to get naturally. Not only that, but certain legal supplements are proven to give their users an edge over their competition.

In this article, we’ll look at the four most important supplements for BJJ. Our focus will be to build muscle, strip fat, and maintain a strong, lean body. Not only that, but we’ll also look at how to sharpen the mind and prime it ready for action.

Let’s get to it.

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Recovery Supplement 1 – CBD

Now more than every, athletes are turning to CBD as their go-to supplement. Numerous studies have shown it to be a valuable asset to athletes, due to both it’s mental and physical soothing qualities.

CBD is a cannabinoid taken directly from the cannabis plant. However, unlike THC, it has no psychoactive effect, meaning users can experience it’s many pros without feeling a “high”. This is why it’s a real favorite among hard working athletes and recreational jiu jitsu players alike.

One of the greatest assets of CBD is its ability to help manage pain. According to studies, isolated CBD is great for reducing aches and pains of training, as well as inflammation from injury [5]. For a dedicated BJJ player lives on the mats, a healthy drop or two of CBD can help clear up small bumps and lasting niggles.

Now, the next two reasons for taking CBD are purely mental. Firstly, CBD has been shown to help people fall to sleep and improve their sleep quality. As an athlete, your sleep is vital for your recovery and performance the next day. Falling sound asleep at night is one way to ensure you’re fresh for class the next day after your muscles have had time to relax, mend, and rejuvenate.

Secondly, CBD can also help athletes deal with anxiety. If you find yourself getting stressed about techniques, weight cuts, or competition, CBD could take the edge off your nerves. You’ll then be able to focus your full attention on the task at hand, instead of worrying about distractions [5] [6].

When looking to get your own CBD aim to choose a high-quality product. It should ideally be extracted from the hemp plant too, which is the safest way to limit any THC content.

We’d also advise you try one or two different types too, because while one BJJ player might enjoy drops while prepping for a comp, another might like to eat CBD gummies as a reward after rolling. One of the greatest things about supplementing with CBD is the amount of options available. Beware of products with risky THC levels though. If you’re not wanting to navigate the CBD market, our top recommended BJJ Recovery Supplement product allows you to supplement worry free. See below.

Recovery Supplement 2 – Protein

Protein – the most common and widely used supplement on the planet. It’s what makes our muscles, and it’s one of the three macros we need to survive. But why it it important for BJJ? The answer lies power, strength, and safety.

The most important thing to understand about protein is it builds and repairs muscle. Training hard day in day out can only result in a jacked, muscular frame if an athlete gets enough amino acids from their protein [1]. As they work out, their muscles break down, becoming torn and damaged in the process. If they have enough protein in their system, these muscles can then be repaired in their down time. This is a vital process called protein synthesis.

What a protein supplement mainly does is two things. Number one, it helps athletes raise their daily intake of amino acids easily. Instead of paying a lot of money to buy, cook, and then refrigerate more protein sources, they can just take a shake. Plus, if they choose an isolate, they can get in their protein without any extra fats or carbs when weight cutting.

Secondly, a shake is the most convenient way to recover. When the muscles are craving fresh proteins to repair their damaged cells after a tough round or ten of rolling, a protein shake can supply them quickly. The athlete can simply pack a protein shake into their bag to take as soon as they’re ready after training. Making protein number 2 as a BJJ Recovery supplement.

Recovery Supplement 3 – Creatine

All athletes should take creatine. Why? Because creatine is so effective, some people even tried to have it banned in Olympic competition! Not only does it provide a multitude of hardcore physical benefits, but it can give users a mental boost as well.

Creatine’s main benefits are improved strength, power and endurance [2]. These are three distinct things that be the decider in a gold medal match, or a gruelling roll in the academy. Plus, with more strength, power, and endurance, jits players can train and improve their skills for longer. More training time = faster progression, it’s simple.

Not all the pros from Cr end there, though. Supplementing with creatine can also have cognitive enhancing effects too. Your brain loves to use creatine for energy, so by supplementing, you’re literally helping provide it with extra fuel. They call BJJ human chess for a reason, so having better brain function is just one way to gain another advantage.

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition; “Creatine monohydrate is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes in terms of increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass during training.” They also say that; Long-term CM supplementation appears to enhance the overall quality of training, leading to 5 to 15% greater gains in strength and performance [2] [3].

Could that 5 to 15% improvement in strength and performance translate into your BJJ success? The answer is yes – directly!

Essential Supplement 3 – Nootropics

As much as BJJ is a physical battle, it’s also a battlefield of mind-games. Brain often does beat brawn, and it’s not always the biggest man or woman who reigns supreme. Look at some of the best players on the planet and you’ll see smart, intelligent people, with a ton of brain power behind their skills.

BJJ is a complex system to master. For every action there’s a reaction, and every decision comes with a never ending list of consequences. So, it pays to be smart, and have a highly-functioning brain and mind. One way to support yours is with the power of Nootropics.

Nootropics are brain supplements designed to enhance your cognitive abilities. Depending which you choose, you could experience a clear mindset and have a better ability to make decisions. Some others may also improve memory, or your ability to be creative or get motivated [4].

Memory, motivation, problem solving and most importantly creativity is essential for BJJ success. Therefore, we recommend boosting your brain power just as much as the lean muscles hidden underneath your gi. Try a high-quality nootropic to sharpen your mind and turn your brain into a submission sniping machine.

High quality CBD Isolate, Green tea and GC in capsule form. Recovery for mind and body.

CBD supplements can be a bit of minefield to look for, and vaping isn’t for everyone. At all. However, in order to limit the amount to of illegal substance THC found in your CBD supplement and stay on top of your dosing, we whole heartedly recommend ShredCBD as the top recovery supplement for BJJ athletes.

It stacks with anything else on this list, but provides a huge amount of positive effects on athletes, and when combined with a serving of protein will allow you to remain dominant roll after roll. ShredCBD also contains green tea and Garcinia, both providing antioxidants and energy to any BJJ athlete.

We stick with ShredCBD because it’s in capsule form and is regularly updating its online test results for THC content. It’s a little pricey, so might not be for the more casual athletes out there, but if you’re looking for a high performance CBD supplement for athletes it won’t get much better than ShredCBD.

ShredCBD isn’t the last word on recovery. It’s going to make things a whole lot easier on your body and your mind though. But in order to maximise muscle repair you should still be looking out for a high quality protein supplement. Allowing your muscles to repair and build themselves. Not to mention getting in a good dose of amino acids.

With that in mind, a recommended protein supplement would be: Dymatize Iso 100.

Last roll on Best Supplements for BJJ

BJJ is an art all about physical and mental performance. So, by taking the right supplements for the game, you can give your a razor sharp edge on the mat.

Stick with these four, and you’ll offer both your body and mind all-around support. They’re safe to use every day, and are all easy to fit into your lifestyle.

Good luck out there on the mats. Oss.


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